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ADHD Child eating paper...

I have a 3rd grade student who's diagnosed with ADHD and he is always eating paper inside the classroom. The situation was already discussed with the parent but it seems that the mother doesn't mind at all. Also, i later find out that the parents are not open to the medicine being prescribed by their psychiatrist.Teachers are already concern on how to control such behavior and on how to make the parents change their mind regarding their stand on the treatment. There are also times wherein the child destroys his classmates things and would also hit them with whatever he can get a hold of. We asked the father about his progress according to the psychiatrist and the father said that the child is doing okay. But in the classroom he displays otherwise. Is it proper to transfer the child to a smaller school than keeping him in our university? And any suggestions on how to modify the behavior? We've been doing all the recommendations of the psychiatrist but of no avail. Right now we are waitng for the psychiatrist update on how to manage the child's behavior. Thank you. =)
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