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ADHD/Physical or Psychological?

My daughter's pediatrician said ADHD is generally a psychological problem and therefore would not even begin to address the issue with me but rather steered me in the direction of mental health care.

Is this true?  Is it an emotional/psychological condition treated as a physical disorder so there won't be as much stigma attached to it?

Do you suggest there be blood tests to rule out all other possible causes of hyperactivity and/or ADHD BEFORE prescribing Adderall or any other medication?

Is ADHD or hyperactivity merely a lack of self control/discipline?

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Dear L. Knight,

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a legitimate neurobehavioral disorder. It absolutley has its origins in the central nervous system though, depending on the severity of the condition, may not require medical (i.e., pharmacological) treatment. Many mild-moderate cases of ADHD can be quite successfully treated via behavioral techniques and environmental modification.

There is no test, so to speak, for ADHD, including blood tests. However, there are accepted methods of evaluation, which usually involve review of history and current functioning, examination of family history, collection of standardized data via structured checklists, discussion with classroom teacher(s), and sometimes psychological testing.

Pediatricians vary in relation to their level of comfort in treating ADHD via medication. Some prefer to place such treatment in the hands of psychiatrists or neurologists. Others are quite comfortable dealing with the pharmacological aspects of treatment, leaving the non-pharmacological treatment to mental health professionals.
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Dear L Knight:
People really are trying to get rid of the stupid stigma attatched to mental health probblems!!! The more people that educate themselves to the "FACT" that mental illness is just as physical as any other medical illness, the quicker the stigma will go away. Give your daughter the power she needs to control herself, so she doesnt end up with self esteem probblems.Mental health probblems, are far more common than your realizing. Given the right tools, play therapy with a licenced phycologist and proper medication, if neccecary, no one in your neighborhood will ever have to know what you and your child are dealing with. The answer is not an "event" and will probbly take time to resolve. Educate yourself! This sight is a really good one, and there are many more links. Remember, a diagnosis of a mental illness is just like a diagnosis of heart probblems, and definetley will get worse if not treated.
Good Luck,
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