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ADHD and other symtoms

My garandson is 10 and has been diagnosed ADhD, inattentive type.  He has always avoided eye contact and hugs.  Will usually walk right past us when we visit.  He has never had a real friend and has issues at school with kids making fun of him. They call him weird or worst.  There are very few foods he will eat. I don't think he has ever had a vegetable other than french fries.  He does the blank gaze alot. He was been checked to make sure he wasn't having seizures.  Negative on that. He is very intelligent but very forgetful.  Last year his class was dismissed and went to their next class. The next group came in and it was 15 minutes before the teacher realized he was still in the classroom.  He doesn't meet all the criteria for asperger's maybe 4 out of 6. Last week I showed him afunny joke on my computer. I went through it twice and he couldn't get it.  Finally he looked at me and said I don't get it.  He looked so sad. What's going on?
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He sounds like he has aspergers,  despite not having two of the criteria.  He also sounds like he may have sensory defensiveness problems. Does he have difficulty with tags on the back of his shirts,  and socks that don't feel right,  and a very restricted diet?  

I wouldn't worry about he joke.  A 10 year old child has a different humor level than an adult.  
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Thanks for the response.  Everything I have read says all criterta must be met for a diagnosis.  No problem with the tags or clothes.  Very restricted diet mac and cheese, cheeseburgers, P&B sandwiches, cereal and candy.  A bit  clumsy running.  Big on any video games and tv. When he was younger he talked with a strange speech pattern...simular to "little professor" as discussed in asperger's documents.  He's never done any of the repetative movements.
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