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ADHD meds not working

Our 8 yr old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD. His last 3 teachers had thought he had it because of his inability to focus and he was not where he should be academically. He is also very hyper. So we took him to the doctor and he was prescribed medication. He has tried 3 different types of meds now. We've also taken him to counseling because of his odd behavior. He doesn't follow rules, he is very defiant and argumentative with us, he does what he wants to do regardless of what he is told, he doesn't care if he is disciplined, you have to tell him to do something 5 times before he does it. He also does not play with any children his own age. He plays with 3 or 4 yr olds, mostly girls and the boys in the neighborhood don't want to play with him because they think he is so weird. Lately he started repeating himself over and over again. He also seems to talk VERY loudly. He cries over very minor things all the time. Sometimes we feel like he acts like a 3 yr old. I spoke with the doctor today and was told it could possibly be aspergers but I don't think that is it. He is very artsy and loves crafts and he can memorize just about anything but we are really struggling with his social skills and with having to spend every minute watching him to make sure he is not doing something odd or something that we told him NOT to do. Do you have any thoughts on what this might be???
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Asperger's actually sounds like a good place to start, diagnostically. Kids with Asperger's frequently display symptoms such as those you have described: particularly in reference to the social skills deficits. What were his therapists' impressions? How long has it been since he has been in therapy? Have you considered a consultation with a psychologist?
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p.s. I've appended a link below with the diagnostic criteria for Asperger's. To what extent do these describe your son?

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I agree with the other poster...his behavior is characteristic of asbergers.  I realize that might not be exactly what you want to hear, but it's certainly a possibility.  Did your doctor refer you to a child pyschologist to have him tested?  If not, that's the place to start.  Once he's properly diagnosed, he'll have appropriate treatment.
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I agree with the previous posters, the behaviors you describe are consistent with a condition on the spectrum of autism.  Once you learn more, you can get him the help he needs to function up to his highest potential  Best wishes...
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I agree with the above posters, but I wonder why you don't trust the doc?  Did the doctor explain why he/she felt aspergers might be the diagnosis?  I think if you don't trust his diagnosis you should get a second opinion, so that you will feel more comfortable.  It is important you feel comfortable with the doctor who is treating your son.  Best wishes to you and your son:)
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I believe lots of times ADHD can go along with other disorders.  He may have a combination of things going on.  It could be anything along with the ADHD.  The autistic spectrum is so wide.  Some of the things you mention sound a lot like my son who has a lot of issues including behavioral and it was said by the developmental pediatrician that he is not on the autistic spectrum.  His diagnosis was Global Developmental Delay with anxiety, low muscle tone, behavioral issues...etc.  From a lot of what I hear and read it can take a very long time to find a diagnosis.  
I personally am medicated for OCD.  (obsessive compulsive disorder)  I believe my son has that.  Like your son he repeats phrases when he tells you something.  My son has other ocd like behaviors also.  I believe you have to look at the family.  Does his parents or siblings have any issues?  Sometimes a Dad could have Adhd and then a child develops it also.
What kind of doctor said your son may have asbergers?  Was this over the phone?  I would definitly look furthur into this situation.  Good Luck and let us know what happens.
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I agree with the above poster, My son is 9yrs old and is ADHD and also has a learning disability.  My son cries over the smallest things and as he has gotten older he has became very vilent with his little brother that is 3yrs old.  My son has tried several different medications and everything made him even worse.  I have never heard of this aspergers but I am going to check this out.  I wish you all luck
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