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ADHD or bipolar

Hi to  guys iam very very tierd  mom.  i cant  figure out what is wrong with my 7 years old son. He act very strangely . He dont know what he should do and not do .for example he never shy from speaking with adult never shay to be naked . He dont know why he go to school why should recpect the other . Why …. But in other hand he is smart in school , he use iphone .ipad .unfortuntly  today he is diagnosed as type 1 DM  ??? Note ( he is seen by psychiatrist and each time had deferent diagnosis from generalize anxiety disorder to separation anxiety to ADHD . And lastly his psychatrist   Diagnose  him with habipolar disorder bcz he has depress mood some time and other time he appear happy any help plzzzzzz iam in a damn country (iraq) nothing go straight  . Looking forward to  read ur comment jus
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   I find it hard to believe that a 7 year old with type 1 Diabetes would not have any symptoms like some of those you described.  But, time will tell.  As I earlier said, get the DM under control and then see how he is doing.  I have included some links on bipolar and ADHD differences that you may find helpful.
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    Sorry, I missed this post.  Was on vacation.
  Its really important to let your psyc know that your son has DM.   That could account for a lot of his symptoms. For example, Irritability and other mood changes,fatigue and weakness are common symptoms.  This would also make a kid very depressed. It would also explain why they had a problem pinning down his problems as they would shift due to the DM.      
From what you mentioned in your other post he sounds like he has ADHD and that is causing a lot of the other problems.  
   However, if you decide to try and treat with stim meds - he must go off the Fluoxetine (Prozac).  It blocks the effects of the stim med and lets it back up and cause bigger problems.
    I very much doubt he is bipolar at this age.
    I really think that the diabetes needs to be dealt with first.  Getting that under control will also help with some of his symptoms.   Then I would take a serious look at the ADHD.  But one step at a time.   First, let the psyc know about the DM and see about slowly tapering off the Fluoxetine.
   Hope this helps.  Keep in touch and let me know what happens.  Feel free to post if you have any more questions.  Oh, and your English really is pretty good.
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I cant describe his behavior  he has normal intelligent. normal IQ ,  but  he is strange .he dosent feel of responsiblety for basic things like , he is not awer about hi around or what is going on . He just  doing what others doing infront of him . He is obcessive if anything come to his mind h he will doing it or remain speaking about it till distracting  by another thing and then start talk about The new thing . Over all he is happy he like pop music  for all this reson i took him to psychatrist  , first when  the doc Dx him as generalize anixty disorder , put him on flouxiten for 8 months . He had good respons to it  his preschool performance beame much better  then  he  go off  it for about one years  . During that year he had smptom but mild . Then when he statrt wwthe school  from the second day till know every day his teacher calling us  bcz of his behavior again i took him to psychatrist .this time he dx him as   separation anxiety disorder (  he  was scary without family member  Dx ) then ge changed  the dx to to ADHD  and put him on stattera  after 3 dose he became like a wilhuman  just cant stop him  then started hi  depress mood  last week he was nagging on me saying ( i hate raning iam depress i lke sun i hate rain ) at that time we didnt awer about his Dm  so  the  psychatrist change the Dx to bipolar disorder   With depression episod  and ocd .he is know on  Fluoxetine yesterday unfortunately Dx as type 1 DM  . I went to psychatrist  he said Dm not realated to his condition  .   Know iam happy with flouxiten bcz he respond to it in pas and it is good for his ocd but  what cant stand is  dx as bipolar
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Hope u enjoed in ur vacation and spent nice time thanx alot for ur replay
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