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ADHD or something else?

My daughter is 4 years old, 5 in November. A month ago we had her see a doctor about having ADHD. She was diagnosed and put on 5mg. of adderall xr once a day. Lately she has been running away, like down the street, to another street in the neighborhood, or a neighbors. She won't come or respond when I call for her so I usually have no idea where she went. She just runs out of the house without telling me, and I have a 3 month old so my attention cannot be on her every minute. I dont know what to do about this, my husband works alot so I am home most of the time by myself with the kids and she will not listen to me. Im concerned because this is dangerous for her to be doing. No matter what I say she just will not listen. Could this be a result of ADHD, or something else? She has no other medical problems, she has always been completley healthy. Please help! Thanks!
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First and foremost, secure the doors so she cannot leave by herself. Then you won't have that particulalr concern. It could be that the behavior is a product of hyperactivity/impulsivity. Does her medication appear to be effective? From the point of view of behavior management, take a look at Lynn Clark's book SOS Help for Parents, and it will provide you with a very effective behavior management plan. But do not pick and choose from the tactis described - follow the program in its entirelty and you'll be pleased with the results.
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Hi Shawna,,
Did she see her pediatrician or a child psychiatrist?  I am a LCSW who works with children and I find that the best person to diagnose and prescribes meds for mental health issues is a child psychiatrist, this is what they specialize in and they have access to a wider range of medications.  There is an amazing selection of meds now for ADHD.  Also, did the other behaviors begin after taking the adderall or were they present even in some degree before the  meds??  Eitehr which way it is definilty something to discuss with her prescribing physician, and possibly looking into some therapy with a therapist who has expereince writing behavioral plan for children.

Good luck.
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