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I'm the mother of three ADHD children and I'm an ADHD patient myself.Since I already know a lot of facts about ADHD,I have a problem with:1.Finding doctors that acknowledge my knowledge and don't feel offended by it.  2.How do I explain best to teachers how to handle my children in school and get them to cooperate?3.Since germany seems to be ages behind on research about ADHD where do I find most valid information about ADHD or literature which I can translate and forward to schools and doctors?
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Dear Ms. Mitchell,

Re: Finding doctors who appreciate your perspective on this condition, it's really a matter of word-of-mouth and trial-and-error. As with any area of specialization, medical persommel vary greatly in relation to the acknowledged expertise that many patients bring to their own condition.

Re: communication with teachers, there's never a substitute for respectful, patient convesation, buttressed perhaps by concise literature. In this regard, and responding to your third point as well, I would loudly recommend Barkley's Taking Charge of ADHD. It is a thorough, practical, down-to-earth manual that is of significant help to bith parents and teachers.
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