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My wife divorced me last year.  God has blessed us with four children (10,8,6 and 4).  My wife is the custodial parent, and live four hours from me.  I see them everyother weekend.  Last year my wife (through my 8 year old child's GP Doctor) put my 8 year old on Aderoll.  The rational was lack of focus in school.  I was powerless to stop (legally).  I wanted more testing.  Now my 10 year old is being told by my wife to put him on Aderoll also.

I have found through various research that this is an over-percribed medication.  Can you give me any background on the drug, side-effects, etc.?

My children are in counseling because of the divorce and I have asked the counselor to look into this also, but she said that if the GP has perscribed the meds, there is nothing I or she can do.
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Adderall is a stimulant compound which is often prescribed for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is an appropriate form of treatment for the condition. Side effects are the same as for other types of stimulant medication, and can include suppression of appetite, sleep onset delay (particularly if taken too late in the day), some GI upset if not taken with food, involuntary motor behavior (tic).
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My son was put on Aderoll by a child phy. at 4 years old.  The side affects I saw were horrible and my doctor said these were normal.  He was nervous all the time, walked around like a zombie, and gained a lot of weight, since the medicine slows down the body.  When he started getting real nervous and bitting his fingernails she(Doctor) wanted to put him on BP medicine.
I spoke with my GP about it and he strongly suggested me getting him off the medicine.  He has been off the medicine for about a year now.  He is still sometimes hard to handle, but I deal with it. My son was tested for ADD and ADHD, he didn't have either.  He is just a strong willed child.

My suggestion to you is to get your kids tested for ADHD and ADD.  Your e-wife may have custody of your children but you still have the rights as a father.  Hope this helps.
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