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Aggressive behavior

What is more about aggressive behavior in school setting?

This discussion is related to Overly Aggressive Behavior at School.
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Tell us more, age of the child, what kind of school how do the teachers deal with the aggression, is it only the one child or do others at school bahve the same , what type of aggression???
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Parents and teachers both should know how to handle overly aggressive behavior at school. For a young child, reasoning through a situation when they are upset can be very challenging, if not altogether impossible.
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I have a grandson that was my sons fiancés son from a previous marriage.  since the day I met him this thing I have noticed is that he is like one of the gyroscope balls (I think that is what they are called) as soon as he gets wound up at all he just goes into full mode.  I thought he was starting kindergarten now but found out on the 4th that no he was in a summer program.  she said that he had an appointment with his counselor at mental health. (no meds). bur had to cancel and left the counselor numerous messages no return calls. my sons fiancé is worried because even after this short time he has begun hurting animals.

when I met him a little over a year ago he got in trouble for something  and my son and his fiancé tried for almost 2 hours  to get him to stay in time out.  my son  had ADHD,.ODD,  you name it. and we got him help when he was approx. 2 1/2 because things were just  behind in his progression.  I am not sure of my grandson's progression but I know that he was still wetting the bed not all too long ago at night. I learned from my mistakes with my son but they wont listen.  I have put him in time out at my home and he sits quiet and for the total 5 minutes when he misbehaves.  what can I do to help him!!!
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    If your son had ADHD, then there is a decent chance his son does too.  So they need to be finding out all they can about ADHD and how to work with kids with it.   There is a lot of good info out now, that wasn't there 20 years ago.   If you have any specific questions, either you or you son can also post to me on the ADHD forum where I am also the CL.   http://www.medhelp.org/forums/ADD---ADHD/show/175
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