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Agressive behaviour

I have a son 2nd grade just turned 8.He has been suspended from school twice. ( they seem to think this is doing something,punishing him and it doesn't work.)
he is APPARENTLY Including continuous disruptions, verbal aggression towards SEP teachers and teacher aides, kicking and throwing objects, loud noises to gain attention, failure to follow instruction etc..
They remove him from class,they remove him from all playground interaction they provide teacher aids school is saying now we have done everything we can.Pediatrician says they diagnosed him through school counselor with intellectual impairment but he is not impaired.he has problems...he writes back to front, upside down, but reads fine.Pediatrician is the first one i met who found my son has an extra beat in his heart,so he has to be switched on...he doesn't want to try drugs yet wants an MRI but cant until he is 10 ! So what do we do in the mean time...
I am lost he is nothing like that at home i had an older child much worse ( PDD-NOS) with ASD,ODD,ADHD,ADD & depression.This child is in no way like that..he can sit quietly and draw ,read, work etc at home,the only prob we have is tantrums when he doesnt get his own way or when he is asked to do something IE Clean your room, brush your teeth,but happily goes out and picks sticks up off the yard for dad to mow.?
So what do i do?          quit my job we end up living below poverty line,so the school has a apart time student like they want he doesnt get an education and because we cant afford to feed and clothe him properly DOCS come and take him away ? How fair is any of this to anyone?

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cec,  You sound like you're in a lot of pain,  which we can all understand.

But I do think you need to acknowledge what the school is saying, and not keep couching it in ways that makes you think they are lying about him.  "they seem to think",  "he is apparently",  etc.  

I'm sad for the situation you are in.  But when you say "What do I do"?  I think what you should do is believe them,  and work with them.  

It sounds like you have two children with serious developmental delays,  and they both need therapy and help from the school district.

Best wishes.  
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  I can't really tell from your post if he is in special ed.  If so, he should have an IEP.  You can't suspend a child for something listed on an IEP.  Also the IEP should list ways to work with the child, etc.  So does he have an IEP?  And (by the way) he should have gotten a new IEP at the end of the school year to help next years teacher.
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