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Anger problems

I have a 9 year old almost 10 who experiences sudden outbursts of anger like a volcano.  He runs from authorities when they request they go with them, but this anger seems to dissipate anywhere from 5-15 minutes after the episode.  Most of the time this behavior is seen at school.  He has been suspended several times from 4th grade because of it.  He will just suddenly blow up at another student for something that he didn't like and will sometimes lash out at them.  It's never the same thing that sets him off.  He has also threatened other students with words and is recently starting to display signs of wanting "revenge" on every one.

I just had another meeting with the school principal, vice principal, social worker, behavior coordinator and teacher.  He was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD when he was younger, 5 I think.  I feel that he was misdiagnosed and the school social worker agrees with me.  I am a single mom and have been for 8 years, I am not working and am afraid that once I get a job I will lose it because the school continuously calls me to come get him.  I requested that and IEP be done, which they agreed to.  I have had him on the Concerta for his ADHD and it made his volcanic mood swings more extreme.  He has been off of them for 2 years and is currently taking Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg once a day...it seems to help a little but I am at my wits end and don't know exactly who to turn to for help.

Which is the best type of professional to take him to, so that he can be reassessed to find out what is really happening? I'd like to stick to natural alternatives, not synthetic drugs.  And, Are there any real successful anger management for children programs available?
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