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Anxiety and PDD -- is the anxiety part of the PDD or something in addition to?

My son, age 4-1/2 was diagnosed with PDD/NOS (even though I personally believe him to have Aspberger's Syndrome as he spoke in sentences, clearly, at around 15 months and he is extremely bright.

But my question concerns the high level of anxiety he experiences. He is quite anxious about many things -- afraid people walking by (in public, at stores, the post office) are going to take his baby sister away, sounds of bugs and bees, red raspberry seeds in his yogurt, noodles/pasta (he has many aversions to most foods and a very limited diet). He whines all the time and is reluctant with wearing clothes or shoes. He says, "Things just concern me a little bit." The list would go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Is all this anxiety typical of a PDD/NOS child or is he a PDD child that might also have some other kind of anxiety disorder.

He has been checked by a neurologist and showed a normal EEG. He currently receives 2 hours of OT a week. He was in a special ed preschool but will not return in the fall b/c we feel he is too high functioning, especially in his language. We are enrolling him in a "normal" child care center in July.
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It's not unusual for many children who display conditions along the PDD spectrum to experience the sorts of anxiety you describe. This does not eliminate the possibility of an anxiety disorder alongside the PDD. In addition, your description indicates that your son may also display sensory integration problems (which may be the reason for the OT treatments).
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acually this is a question. my boyfriend is 21 years old and he
is taking dexerine spansule but I don't know what for and I don't want to ask him. What do adults take it for?
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Dexedrine is one of several medications for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
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