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Are these signs of sexual abuse ?

My son recently started saying no touch naked randomly and today when I was tickling him, he asked me to tickle and pointed to his privates. I’m concerned where these behaviors are coming from. He has been taking about monsters, not wanting to sleep in his own bed, been very attached to me, and has had a lot of anger outbursts towards my brother who is currently living in our home. My son was conceived by non consensual sex and the case was thrown out so he has to go for visits with his dad 3 weekends out of the month. As someone who has been through a lot personally I just don’t know if I should have my son evaluated or if I am being overly paranoid and reacting off my own emotions. Going for visits and my brother moving in both happened about the same time. He’s just gone through so many changes it’s hard to pinpoint where anything is coming from.
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