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Autism and Depo Provera Shots

Is is possible that my son (who is now 16) has Autism because of Depo Provera birth control shots I received?  My other 2 children are fine as I wasn't using any birth control with them.  I received 2 shots and wasn't aware that I got pregnant during this time.........Is there a connection??

This discussion is related to taking depo provera while pregnant.
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There's no way to tell for sure, but more and more proof is coming out that autism is NOT linked to vaccines, and because depo provera is an active hormone shot and not a vaccine, I highly doubt that it is the cause. Are your other children girls by any chance? Very often a family that has an autistic child only has 1 (almost always a boy), and the rest of the children are "normal". They are thinking more and more that it's a genetic mutation. You can ask to be tested for the Fragile X gene, which is thought to be present in 90% of women who bear autistic sons. My family has 2 autistic children...my mom was one of twelve children. in the middle is a set of twins, two girls. both girls have an eldest son with autism, and both also have perfectly normal children who do not have autism. but out of all of the other siblings and all of the other children's children, there have been no cases of autism, even mild. so this speaks highly for a genetic mutation.

it's hard to say for sure, but I would say that it's highly unlikely that depo provera caused the autism, most likely an unfortunate genetic mutation. the thing in shots/vaccines thought to cause autism is thermisol (a preservative), which contains mercury...however...the depo provera shot contains:
Medroxyprogesterone acetate
Polyethylene glycol 3350
Polysorbate 80
Sodium chloride
Water for injection

some of which are actually ingredients in the foods we eat every day. the ones that aren't are either hormones or non-thermisolic preservatives, such as methylparaben or propylparaben. So I would say that there's almost no chance the shot is the cause.

have you spoken with a geneticist?
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I have a child with sensory integration disorder and I've often asked myself how it happened as well.  You kind of beat yourself up and rack your brain for answers but I don't think I'll ever know for sure.  I've always wondered if my son's traumatic birth experience is the cause.  I had latent phase labor and became extremely dehydrated before going to the hospital.  Besides that it resulted in him . . .  it was a bad experience all the way around.  I've always wondered if that is why he has his developmental delay.  

I've never heard of a link between birth control and autism.  Good luck to you and your family.
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6 yrs ago I recived the depo shot and didnt know I was pregnant,the doctor never gave me a pregnacy test before giving me the shot,my son has a developmental delay and im wonderin is it caused by getting the shot while I was pregnant?
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Hiya, Although there may not appear to be harmful components in Deproprovera the side effects listed are horrendous. Myself and 2 of my friends began receving the injections at age 36. After 2 years of injections 2 of us had completely lost our sex drive, we are all emotially manic and one chronically depressed. Vaginal dryness & irritation also occured.

On friend ended up with a massive cyst like growth and my sex drive has never fully returned and now at age 48 menopause symptoms have started so my sex life ended at 38 after 2 years on depo.

Massive doses of hormones required to last 3 months are not good for you! Research the side-effects on-line. Don't be persuaded by doctors it's ok, it's not, it's just a cheap form of contraceptive and your health may never recover. Don't risk your health and happiness girls!
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You have a valid point as many are now finding out ...good for all to do some research
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I also know someone who got blood clots from taking the depo shot. It sounds very dangerous and I know there are a lot of doctors who will not prescribe it. Does it cause autism? It's possible, I guess. I doubt it though. You couldn't pay me to go near it though!
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I agree and I think we all should research an make sure we know what we are ingesting before we do it ...its our responsibility ..
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