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Autism or Seizer Disorder?

I have an 18th month old daughter who has given me some concerns, and she has been late on some of her mile stones.  I have twin girls (fraternal) and they are very different, so it's hard not to compare.

We are going to see a nuerologist (April 10th) for possible seizer disorder because she stares and zones out alot, and she has done this for a while, but within the last few months it seems worse to me and I'm taking action.  I wish I had taken a journal early on to really remember how she was at 9 months-12 months, but everyone was telling me she is fine, every child is different.

She crawled at 11 months, and started really walking at 16 months.  She loves her books, I have read to both of my girls alot (and still do) since birth, and she especially likes to flip the pages (and early one, when Aleah did not)  but seems to look at the pictures as well.  Even though she turned pages early on, she didn't seem to have the grasping down at that time and only recently does she use her thumb and index finger (holding a stem of a flower, holding small puzzle pieces).

She says da, da, ba, ba, ma, ma, but she doesn't say it to us to get our attention. She copies her sister alot, head shaking, banging a cup, clapping hands, but NO WORDS.  Most the time SHE DOES NOT RESPOND to her name being called, she would rather turn her head to a garbage truck coming down the street, or turn her head to an airplane way in the distance.

If I say  we are going to have bath time, she knows and goes to the bathroom door.  She will be in the living room, and hear me say to her sister that I sippy cups ready, and she comes into the kitchen.  She started pointing at 16 months or so, and she is fascinated with airplanes, or anything that goes and started to point to the sky when she hears it, but no words.  

Her dexterity and motor skills seemed to be delayed, and she is a very happy child, she smiles ALOT, and loves it when I hold her (I stay home with my twins) but not so much with her daddy and I figured because I'm home more.

She doesn't really do her puzzles, and plays (bangs them together) with them more them put them together (the wooden ones). She does do (when her sister is not around) her circles with the holes and put them on the wooden sticks (small ones even, her dexterity has gotten better).

My concern is that some of her symptoms were autism (of some sort), or some type of delay, only did our pediatrician recommend a neurologist to rule out seizer disorder.  I also thought to have her hearing checked (even though she can hear an airplane from a mile away) and then maybe a referral to the mind institute at UCD.

I appreciate your attention to this issue, as it is very important for me to do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I can.  I have also (just for the hell of it) thought to do the no gluten no cassein diet.  Maybe I will try whole foods and see if I can find a book to help me with constructing a CF/GF diet.
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The good thing about seeing a neurologist is that a neurologist can diagnose not just seizure disorders, but developmental delays and/or PDD and/or other issues as well-- especially if you see a pediatric neurologist. You are doing the right thing -- anything thats going on, be it seizures, or PDD, or hearing, or motor delays, or anything-- early intervention is the key to a successful outcome.

As far as the diet change, I don't know much about that. As long as the diet is complete and healthy, it can't hurt, I'm sure.

Also-- just a note-- I had motor delays as a child-- gross motor coordination issues and fine motor coordination issues. I had to go through training of some sort. I was also in speech therapy for about 6 years in school.  

But I was a straight A student, had plenty of friends and interests, graduated summa *** laude from college, have a very successful career, am happily married, have a terrific son, and all that. I was also on the speech team in high school! Today, no one would know that I had issues as a child.
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