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BP ? ADHD ? ODD ? all three ?

my son was always advanced at everything (crawled at 5 mos,stood at 6 mos ,at age 2 he knew the alphabet in english, hebrew & french ) )  he was 8 mos old he found an old box fan ..he would sit on his knees and spin the blades (we cut the cord off )he was completley obsessed for several years .box fans ,windmills ,pinwheels ...never asked for toys ,only fans  . also started throwing fits ,and cussing .... I took him to the Dr.( he was almost 3).she said tha this IQ was low average ,but the results were not 100 % correct because he simply refused to d o the things she asked ...she said that the fan obsession as a symptom of autism. at about age 5 he completley forgot about fans ,..he was always oppositional and agressive ,last year ,was tested for  ADHD.results were "ADHD,combined type /ODD/ Dysthimic disorder /social skills deficits & chronic negative affect .NO frustration tolerence whatsoever ,and becomes  violent when the lady at mcdonalds puts cheese on his hamburger ...after the diagnosis ,we tried Adderall & strattera , switched to Zoloft & seroquel...he became enraged and broke the windows out of my house ,got suspended from school ..we are seeing a child psychologist now ,and under her care he has been on ,Imprimine ,seroquel .he is on Trileptal 150 MG twice daily ,and 75 MG Seroquel at bedtime with another 25 MG in the AM ....there is a strong family history of bipolar disorder ...I completley agree with the ODD diagnosis ,the other ..I am not sure
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Definitely the family history of Bipolar Disorder places your son at risk for such a condition, and the behavior he displays suggests that he might well be exhibiting this condition (alongside the Disruptive Behavior Disorder conditions). In light of his propensity for aggressive acting out, the medication plan has a lot to recommend it. The validity of Juvenile Onset Bipolar Disorder is somewhat controversial, to be sure. But, at the bottom line, symptoms/behaviors are treated, not diagnoses. And the behaviors you describe warrant pharmacological treatment.
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Your situation sounds very familiar to mine.... I have a boy who has just turned 12 only a few weeks ago.. When he was 10mnths i noticed he was not like every other child... He was sleeping in a bed, no bottle and walking the day he turned 10 mnths. He was also toilet trained by the age of 1 1/2 that included night nappies. By the age of 2 he could count to 20 and the alphabet no problems. He was hard to keep inside the house, i had to add extra locks to the windows as he use to unlock them and climb out. He would also move furniture so he could escape outside. One day he got out and started my car...... Very Scary!!!!! At this point i knew I DID NOT HAVE A NORMAL CHILD... When he was little he was fascinated with Bugs... playing with anything that crawled.... It wasn't until he hit primary school that all my problems started. In reception, which is first year, he was nearly suspended from school at the age of 5 years.... The teacher told me that my child was dumb and could not read and write..... they were her exact words. He had bitten a child, cut hair, stabbed a child with a pencil, told a teacher to F**** O**
He ran away from school and was always hitting kids.. I demanded the school bring in someone to test my childs iQ... This assesment was done and to the schools suprise he was very bright, so much so they had to arrange special classes for him....But this did not fix his violent behaviour.... He would hit me if he did not get what he wanted, he would steal, lie, kick furniture, scream, hit his head against the wall, just as a few.... So I took him to a doctor who diagnosied him with ODD...I made the decision not to put him on drugs but behaviour management and a social worker from child adolescence mental health services.... She worked with me and the school to improve his behaviour and school work... This worked well until he moved out of home last june when he was 11yrs to live with his father and family. In the last 12 months he has gone back to his old ways and only yesterday I got a phone call from his step mom saying he had been suspended from school for upsetting a teacher and children, back answering and he lied.... Since leaving my care he will not do schoolwork, is rude, has no respect for others, and the list goes on. No matter what I am trying at the moment he just wont listen, we have taken things away from him, made him miss out, tried to be positive and encourage him but nothing is working at the moment........... I am at a loss as what to do with him... BUT i will not give up as he is a very bright child and can achieve alot when he tries... If I dont continue to try he will end up lost and have a very poor out look on life....No matter how hard things get remember they are worth it even if you think you have failed....
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