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Behavior Regression during "Stay at Home" order

Anyone else dealing with deteriorating behavior in their little cherubs while being in lock down with stay at home orders?  Wow, rough time for many!
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We are a little bit. My oldest has ADHD and he's been more hyperactive that he usually is during a normal school day.
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I think it is more rough in some ways when kids are outside the box (I have one too like that) and easier in some ways.  

I noticed that my sensory kid is highly agitated.  I think it is because of all the change in routine.  He's kind of a bear to deal with right now but I'm trying to be really patient.  It's hard!
Yes, the other issue I'm finding is that my kids are not used to spending so much time together LOL I know that sounds kind of terrible, but on a regular school week, they only see each other for 45 minutes in the morning- in which they are usually at two different spots in the house eating breakfast. Then they see each other for maybe another 2 hours in the evening. Now they are together ALL THE TIME and there is a lot more fighting and whining! I'm slowly going crazy :)
Oh know, I GET IT.  My boys are one year apart in school, super busy and really, do much better not having every waking moment together.  I thought they'd be friends through this, no.  I am trying to figure out how to isolate them from ONE ANOTHER.  ha.  So, I understand.  It kind of makes me sad but I wasn't buddies with my sister until we were adults.  Do both of your kids have adhd?  Only one of mine has a neurological disorder, sensory integration disorder which presents an issue of that boy longing to be 'normal' like his brother.  It's hard to watch that.  
As far as we know, only the oldest has it. My youngest is 4, and while he copies things his brother does, he is definitely very opposite, so we don't believe that he has ADHD. I feel bad wanting to separate them, but I think they need their own time as well. The problem is they don't want to be separated LOL
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