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Behavior and ADHD

My son is 9. He was diagnosed ADHD combined type with compulsive destructive(?) disorder. He is not on any prescription med's. He does however take vitamin supplements for memory, focus and concentration and Calm Child for the evenings to help wind him down for bed. He is very very smart and artistic. He is an avid reader. My son is very tender hearted and takes everything personally, good or bad. But he has another side that comes out of nowhere and we are losing control of it.

My son gets very aggressive for no real reason. If it makes him mad, he is set off like a rocket. He will literally burro his head and charge like a bull. He will push his 4 yr old sister, off the couch, in the yard, off play equipment. He has 2 friends at school. Sometimes I don't know when it's an ADHD issue or just true misbehaving.

I am looking into alternate methods of treatment but they are all so expensive. I am a work at home mother and we do not have insurance right now, but I don't think it would be covered anyway.

Any good suggestions???
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One of the reasons why it is important that children have the benefit of health insurance is to be able to obtain help in situations such as yours. There is no doubt your son acn be helped. Aggressive behavior per se is not a component of ADHD. Howver, one component of Combine-type ADHD is impulsivity, and your son does appear to be having problems with controlling his aggressive impulses. If his ADHD is at least of moderate severity, it invites pharmacological treatment in addition to therapy. Your note indicates that he displays some condition along with his ADHD. There is no condition called compulsive destructive disorder, but your son may display another of the Disruptive Behavior Disorder conditions (ADHD is actuallu one of those conditions). An accurate diagnosis is important in order to determine how to proceed. One thing that will be necessary, regardless of the specific condition, is a systematic behavior management program. You can find a very effective, practical, easy-to-implement plan in Lynn Clark's book SOS: Help for Parents. It would be worthwhile to purchase this very useful book or obtain it from your local library.
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What vitamins and supplements are you giving him? would like to know for my daughter.
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