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Behavior problems in my 5 yr old son

David is 5 1/2 yrs old, and goes to kindergarden. We had problems with him since he is 2 1/2 yrs old. A lot of angrynes that resulted in bitting and kiking in the home as well at his 1st school pre-k.
He has been seen by spycologist, behaviour terapyst, and neurologits. He has ddi, from wich the pshycologist recomended medecing rightaway (retalin etc)but terapyst after several test in a period of 4 1/2 yrs. here in the USA and in Venezuela told us that all test shows that he is find, and that medecing is not nesecearly at the monent., but insted a behavior modification terapy is recomended.

David is in public school, he is in a class for children with some behavior problems, in which 1 of the teachers at his class is a behavior terapyst. she spends 30 minutes at day with him, but has meet with us for a 2nd occassion in less than 2 weeks,to tell us that David some days can not be controll.
He will refuse to do a task or pay attention in class, if he does not want to do a task he will start to insult them verbaly and with gestures, he tells them that he is going to kill them in such and such way,and latelly he draw a picture showing the teachers been stave or been shoot by him,the same behavior is present with his friends at school he will burp or pass wing in front of them, and later he would laugh mucking them.

At home when he was 2 to 3 1/2 he used to kink us, bitt us and course at us, but we work at lot in his angrynes, he understand that he can not do that to people, which he does not do it anymore, but he has found new ways to be agressive to others.
We try punishment, by taking toys or not let him watch tv but does not work, also we try different technicks of rewarding him when we see good behaviour, by means of a sticker or letting him watch his favorite program, but leatly he doe not care.

We have seen child phycologits, behavior terapyst, regular Mds.here in the USA and also in Venezuela.physcologist tell us that David neesd medecine rightaway like retalin etc.....terapysts and neurologist have done a intence examinations on him, and conluded that his fin but in a need of a behaviour teraphist.

We do not know how to proceed, since David is getting worst at school and obcourse we cant be there to try to controll him.

Any advise will be helpfull.
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If Ritalin is being recommended, you can infer that a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is present. Your son's behavior is more extreme than can be explained by ADHD alone, though that may well be part of the problem. Perhaps it is reasonable to proceed with a trial on stimulant medication at a low dose and see if it benefits your son. In terms of managing the behavior, a very sound plan is detailed in the book SOS: Help for Children. It is available in Spanish (if that is your native language). If you follow the plan very closely your son will improve.
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Please consider the example :Daily Express (UK) Friday 10th May 2006 - Daniel Fletcher

My son is six years old and we are undergoing intervention to his diet increasing the percentage of protein balance in his diet and adding supplements of omega 3, omega 6 and Zinc sulphate.
Ryan is having a great deal of difficulty controlling his behaviour and this has been recommended for him.
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