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Behavioral Problems in ADHD Children

I have a 8 year old son who has been diagnosed with ADHD.  He currently is on Concerta and is doing quite well on this medication.  My problems are with my child in the mornings and late in the evening when the medicine has worn off and his hyperactivity is out of control.  I have spoke with our Doctor (who is a Neurologist) about his behaviors and he had suggested Clinidine.  We are not happy about putting him on another medication so I wanted to know if there are any other alternative methods.  I also want to point out that when my son is out of his home environment and not on the medicine, he seems to be able to control his behavior.  As soon as he comes home, he's out of control.  I have read several ADHD books and I am very knowledgable about this disorder, but I have not read how to handle children with extreme hyperactivity.  At night we have tried calmer activities with him such as; reading, coloring, puzzles, etc., but he usually is so hyper that he is not able to do these activities.  I am a very frustrated parent.  I have thought about a behaviorial specialist to work with him.  Is this a good ideal?  And if so how do I go about finding someone?
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Hyperactivity as a product of ADHD, if it is extreme, is difficult to address with young children in non-pharmacological ways. Reducing environmental stimuli (particularly noise and movement) can help. Teaching relaxation skills (such as deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation) is sometimes helpful, but young children often have difficulty employing such tactics. The use of a small amount of Clonidine at night is a very conventional treatment and does assist kids to get to bed and to sleep. It's worth considering. In the morning, try to administer the Concerta a bit earlier so your son receives some benefit while he is still at home.
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Just thought you might want to see this.  Children labeled adhd
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Does your son show any of these symptoms?
1) Cravings for grain, sugar and dairy?
2) Hyperactivity/Hyperexcitability
3) Anger, mood swings, instant irritability, spaciness
4) inappropriate behavior(odd noises, talking loudly)
5) Poor attention span
6) Food and environmental allergies
7) Canker Sores
Most of these sound like adhd/ some odd (guess again)

Check out------www.ADHDrelief.com/CandidaTest.hmtl
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What does cancer sores have to do with it?
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