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Can you help me with my Son?

My 7 year old has changed alot in the past few months.  Idk if it's this whole corona thing,  but hes really become withdrawn.  He's not eating as much either.  Idk it's hard being a parent.   Its even hard to talk to him, he gets whiney and it just doesn't seem like him as much.   I just want him to get better.  
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I was just talking to another mom.  My son has gone through a depression since lock down.  He's a teenager though. She has a younger child about the age of yours that said is experiencing these same kinds of changes.  They are working to normalize things.  But yes, a diagnosis of diabetes and not having it treated prior can certainly impact a child.  Hope all is well.  Best wishes to your son.  Diabetic educators are so helpful guiding families.
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One question would be, other than corona, did anything happen that might have triggered something in him?  Maybe he saw something, or heard something, or experienced something.  Getting him to talk about it would be the most helpful thing, and if you're not the person he's going to talk to there are pediatric psychologists who specialize in doing that.
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Thank you.  I just learned today that he has diabetes.  That's why he hasn't been himself. I'm praying for him now,  he is in the hospital.   Thank you again for your advice

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