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Child Vaccination

I would like to know if anyone out there has read the article on "Dangers of Vaccination" from the following site:

This disturbs me as my wife is very fond of having getting and up-todate Vaccination for our only daughter.
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I think the same people who are susceptible to this propoganda,  that vaccines are actually a conspiracy foisted on us by the med labs,  and not only do they NOT work,  they cause the spread of disease,  are the same people who think the US didn't land on the moon and think the terror attacks of 911 were perpetrated by the US government on our own people.  

I honestly believe that conspiracy nuts have brains that would look visually different under brain scan testing - that you could actually see,  in a lab,  different brain wave patterns of people who believe this kind of silliness.  It's a mental illness,  and I believe it to be an actual organic brain dysfunction.

Vaccinations DO work.  I was 2 when the polio vaccine came into wide use,  and what a gift from God and science that was!

Vaccines aren't perfect,  and in rare instances they don't work.  Or there isn't enough science on some of them to know how long they will last - like the chicken pox vaccine,  for example.  OR,  there are mistakes made in the manufacture that turn out to be dangerous practices,  and then those mistakes are corrected even though in the process some people's health has been compromised or ruined.

But don't think for one minute,  RM,  that the drug companies are conspiring to poison us all with vaccines that do no good and do only harm,  and they know about it and are keeping mum.  How many people,  do you think,  would have to be in on this conspiracy?  Millions.

It's preposterous.    Please don't step in the way of your wife getting appropriate medical care for your daughter,  or fill their heads with hoodoo.
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Amen to what RockRose is saying.  Vaccines have helped eradicate diseases that killed or mame ppl.  They save lives.  I get so upset when I read abt a child that dies from the mumps all b/c their parents didn't believe in vaccines.  It's child abuse and the parents should be jailed if this were to happen.  It's actually borders on stupidity and if you are stupid, you shouldn't be having children in the first place.  

Please get your child vaccinated, don't believe the conspiracy rubbish.  You're saving your kids life.
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I read this post earlier and just didn't have the time to respond, but RockRose and mayflowers said it perfectly.

I'm sure you wouldn't be considering not vaccinating if you had been around to see what these deadly diseases did to young children and their families before vaccinations.
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What RockRose and Mayflowers said is right on track. But really, if you feel disconcerted about any vaccines for your daughter, do this:
Sit down with your wife and research *credible* vaccine information (such as from the CDC or health sites that are not a ".com"). Decide where you'd like to go from there, and then talk with the pediatrician *after* you've educated yourselves about the vaccines.
I feel there are a few required vaccines that should not be required, or even recommended. But I'm not going to disregard all vaccinations for my son because of a few that I feel he does not need at a young age, if ever (such as the chickenpox vaccine--I wish I had researched that one before it was given to my son, otherwise I'd never have had him vaccinated for chickenpox).
But for things like whooping cough, polio, tetanus, mumps, measles, rubella, and whatever else there is out there that can maime, hospitalize, or kill a child, I'd never pass up that vaccine.
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Really do your research.  I am definitley not a conspiracy theorist, and I know that vaccines can cause damage.  My sisiter was permantly damaged by her vaccines years ago.  She now has a seizure disorder, has little language, and self-help skills.  She lives in a group home and requires constant care.  She was NORMAL before her shots.  Her neurologist even says it is due to her vaccines.  Most people don't understand the dangers or know a lot about them until it happens to them or in their family.  Please make an informed choice.  I'm not saying not to vaccinate, but just to be aware of the pros and cons.  Best wishes!
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how can anyone prove that the immunization shots were to blame for the things that happened to cnhgibert's sister and 12RKBK and the people she knows? )by the way - 12RKBK, im pretty sure you have to be 18 to post on this site) but seriously, how do we know that shots caused these things? especially the one about ADHD. how is that linked to a shot? how do we know the child didn't have the condition before the shot? who says? just like the links people are trying to place between shots and autisim. how? and why? until then, i will continue to get my sons shots as scheduled.
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Do a search on the net on the link between autism and vaccines.  There is a ton of info. out there.  As far as "proving" that my sister was damaged by her shots.  Well, where do I begin?....  First, she was completly typically developing, as I stated, until her 18 month old shots.  She had language, didn't self-stim, didn't have autistic type behaviors, didn't have seizures, and she acted like a typical toddler for here age.  Anyway, her neurologist has done some sort of test to test her rubella titer, and this doctor says it's as if she has a raging case of the disease right now, even though she doesn't.  I don't know all of the medical research and such that goes behind it, but the neurologist says that without a doubt my sister was damaged by her vaccines.  My parents have even been part of a lawsuit to collect money for damages caused to my sister.  There is a Vaccine Injury Act set up for this, because it DOES happen.  
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i am not denying the fact that something is wrong with your sister and i am sorry you and your family have to endure such a thing. however, i had read the tons of info linking shots and autism and have to say it is not conclusive. you sisters story is a little more beliveable than the one with ADHD, but i just think for the shots that have been given for years and years and prevented so many cases of serious diseases such as polio and rubella, the pros have to outweigh the cons. then again, i am not in your situation and if i was, i'm sure my opinion would be different. but the "facts" like i stated above, are just not conclusive.
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It suprises me that people who have never experiened the problems that a vaccine can cause in a small child are such an expert on the subject. If you are so pro vaccination, why would you "read tons of info linking shots and autism"? makes no sense to me.

I pray the critics of families who are against certain shots never experience autism,adhd or any other of those problems in their own child.
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sorry major mistype that was for girliegrl1723
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If you believe everything you read... Lord help you.  I would put mothers intuition and pure Holy faith above any 'studies' or 'research' anyday!  I too, think that my son is autistic, and that it's a result of the vaccinations he received.  We hear SO much info, much of it contradicts itself... who do you believe... one day red meat is good for you, the next it isn't... one day it's low fat, the next it's low carb.... the same with medicine... nothing is perfect... and the people that do these studies are FAR from perfect as well.  A mother knows her children more than ANY study or research EVER will.  I am far from being a wacko cospiracy theorist... but the average person doesn't get told much.  It's our responsibility as parents (as I am quickly learning) to NOT trust many people... trust yourself, and God.  I also recently discovered that many of the vaccines that our children are required to have for schools, etc. are produced using aborted fetus cells.  Being a faithful Catholic and prolifer, this turned my stomach.  I never knew!  I can tell you that based on these two aspects of my own 'research', I won't be subjecting my children to any more vaccines... I'll be taking more control over what my family and I are being subjected to by blindly 'trusting' .... and I'll be PRAYING a lot more.   ... as I just did for you all.
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heres a story for you all about vacinnes.  When my five year old was little and got her first MMR vacinne, she broke out in about 1000 little red bumps all over her, I mean she was covered from top of head to bottom of feet.  
I am personally up in the air about risks vs. benefits.  It amazes me all the risks for those stupid things though.  My brother also had a seizure due to a vacinne when he was little.  
You are so correct about mothers intuition.  
You taught me something I didn't know, about aborted fetus cells being used to produce these vaccines.  That really makes me upset to hear.
Both my girls have had the shots, but at the same time I believe that it is a parents right to decide weather or not to get their kids vacinated.
I guess I can see good sides to both.  I do know that there are a lot of really bad risks but the diseases that they help protect against are bad too.
I think what the docs need to stop doing is giving so many of the shots at the same time, because if a child has a reaction to one of them it will be harder to figure out which one it was to.

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You're right!  So many shots in such a short time.... and in such a new little body... it just makes sense that it's not a good idea.  Some type of reform is needed in this system.  Newer vaccines, made in alternative, more ethical ways... and more truthful information on the benefits and the risks... as well as a revised schedule of ages for doses  would be a good start.  Every child is different.  I know that when I got my Hep B vacc back when I worked in a lab, you're supposed to get 3 sets.... after 2 they 'titered' me to see how much immunity I already had.  I was good... so I didn't need the 3rd shot.  Why don't they use this same method on our kids instead of subjecting them to so much that they might not even NEED???   I, like you, think parents need to have more say in what their children are subjected to.  After reading many stories like yours and others, it's so SAD for so many kids and their families... I think more parents need to let their voices be heard.  I'm going to start being a little louder too (pretty hard for a shy person like me).  It's needed... for our kids!
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I dont believe they are all neccesssary and am against some of them. I stopped immunizing my son at 2 1/2 and he has been alot less sick since then..he had numerous ear infections, pneumonia and chronic diarhea.
I have a 2 week old and my doc told me he would let me choose which ones if I decide to get any. He did reccomend 3 that he suggested I storngl consider.
The Hep B shot is a joke!

The last cases of Polio in this country were brought in from else where or from the vaccine itself.

I do think some children have the genetic predipostion to get bad reactions from some of the vaccines.

And I am tired of people who are for shots critizing those who are against...the people who dont immunize are the ones that have to worry about their kids catching soemthing..not them
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You know we live in a world where everyone has an opinion about everything, and some  think that it is okay to express their opinion when its not needed.  I remember this happening all the time when I first had my 5 year old little girl.  Everyone thought it was okay to voice what I should do differently.  My mother always said take it like a grain of salt.

When I worked in the hospital I had to get Hep B vacines, well they gave me my first one, and I walked up stairs and passed out and my heart was going a mile a minute.  So, I had a reaction to it and they couldn't give me anymore of them.

I did choose to get my kids their shots, but I can see why some mothers don't.  Like I stated earlier, when my 5 year old was getting shots, she didn't get so many of them at once, but then when my 2 year old was getting them she was getting 4 or 5 at a time.  This makes it difficult to determine where the reaction is coming from.

The upsetting thing is there are serious reactions to these shots, including death of a child.  
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There is a lot of room for parents` personal decisions and in my childhood kids suffered through temporary illnesses like mumps, rubella, measles, chickenpox and the like. No problem. For those illnesses the vaccinations may rather be for the parents` convenience in order not to take time off of work. However, during my childhood I have seen plenty of victims of Polio of the previous generation who were crippled by the disease. That is permanent damage. And I would not wish that one upon a whole society. Polio and Smallpox vaccination to me is a must. Also, when my son was just two weeks old, a neighbor handed me her infant to watch for a few hours and did not tell me the little girl  had the Whooping Cough. They did not believe in any vaccinations, fine by me, but it amazes me that often there is no consideration of others and the epidemiology behind this. Ideally, the pharmaceutical industry would improve the vaccines to avoid the bad experience many of you had. But to stall any kind of vaccination could come back to bite us big time.
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They dont immunize for smallpox anymore.

What needs to be done is more ressearch into what vaccines are truly needed..instead of just giving them and giving them when they may not all be a neccesity. They should also hold off as long as possible on some of these..instead of giving them so young.

Hep B is sexually transmitted...so why does a newborn need this...they should wait until the child is older..has had plenty of yrs. to work up an immune system.

this is from CDC website
Hepatitis B is not spread through food or water, sharing eating utensils, breastfeeding, hugging, kissing, coughing, sneezing or by casual contact.

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That was irresponsible for that mother to give you her child in that condition...I dont agree with that..also keep in mind just cause your immunized against something does not mean there is a 100% guarantee you cannot still catch it.  
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Yep...I fully agree on these points.
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Dogluver1232 (or 12RKBK), you're contradicting yourself.

If you would never vaccinate your children, then why did you say in your above post (under the name of 12RKBK) that your sister's 2 y/o shot gave her ADHD, and that when you got a shot, your temp rose to 104-106 and you had a blackout or a seizure?

I'm assuming that you are 12RKBK, because in your comment on the post My Child Has a Split Personality? (8/24/07), you give your email address as dogluver1232 at comcast dot net.

Are you 13 or 29 years old?
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Mabye there are 2 different people in the same family using the same web address?
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Possibly...but Dogluver1232 also put a post up today (9-10) about getting a 4 year old to be more obedient. She lists that she has 8 kids, ages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6, and 9.

12RKBK claims in this post that s/he is 13 years old.

In the Split Personality post, s/he gave an email address, which is dogluver1232 at comcast dot net.

So if there's a 13 year old in the family, which is a brother or sister (as claimed in this post), then where does the 13 year old fit in? S/he's not one of the 8 kids, apparently, as there's no 13 year old listed.

Just curious and trying to clear my confusion.
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Oops, I meant to say Dogluver1232 put a post up on 9/07 about getting a 4 year old to be more obedient.
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But is your email dogluver1232 at comcast dot net? That's what you said your email was in the Split Personality post, 8/24/07.

I'm just trying to get un-confused here.
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