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I have a 6 going on 7 year old who has a behavior that is OUT OF LINE. He is being tested for ADHD and the neurologist asked us to change his eating habits and monitor him for 2 months. It seems like things have taken a turn for the worse and I am tired of being looked at as a bad parent. I am far from a bad parent and I want my son to be okay. In kinder and 1st grade his teachers had him on a behavior contract. I get bad notes sent home every single day and today I got a call saying that my son threw himself on the ground and started screaming. The teacher said that since he *my son* has been out of school due to the flu the class was able to "focus" so that when he came back they ignored him. At this point I dont know what to do. He has an appointment for a consultation for ADHD today. I wonder if I should have him tested for something else. I NEED HELP>>> IM DESPERATE!!

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I like your neurologist's approach.  And yes, a lot of the symptoms certainly sound like ADHD.  It will be worth your time to start reading up on ADHD to understand what may be going on with him.  This medhelp link is a good starting point.

  Also your post sounds like your son is now in second grade.  He would have been 5 going on 6 in first and 4 going on 5 in K.  And while the cut off age can be Dec. in some districts, many parents will wait for the following year.  So some of this could also be maturity.  Some could be frustration cause all the other kids are older and grasping things faster.  If he does have ADHD, its the perfect storm and I certainly understand why he would be having problems.
  I would follow through on the ADHD first.  Also don't be afraid to look for a child Psychologist that specializes in ADHD.  If your neurologist also has that specialty, that would probably be ok.   But both of you will need counseling on dealing with his problems, and the child psyc might be better for that.
  Good Luck
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