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Child making strange repetitive noises

My son is 5 years old. He has been making repetitive noises throughout the day for about a week now. The sounds are almost like a snorting sound that he makes with his mouth. He even does this when doing activities. When asked to stop he will say that he has to do this or he will stop for a minute and then continue to do it. Any ideas what this could be?????? THANKS.
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I can't hear the noise so this will just be guessing. Does he have allergies? A post nasal drip will make people do a snorting in the back of their throat kind of noise and it can become a habit. Any family history of Tourettes that you know of? DONT freak...just a question. Tics often manifest as grunts or snorts. You asked...I offered an OPINION. Could be something else. A Pediatrician might be a good start.
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Hi.  Yes, it could be some way he has found to itch his throat.  

Also, tics perhaps.  But also my son has sensory issues and when he was evaluated to be diagosed, I was questioned several times if he made lots of noises such as you describe.  Some kids will also sing.  It can be a way children try to calm themselves and a way they try to stay focused on what they are doing.  

Personally, I'd completely ignore it for a bit.  If you hear he is doing it at school---------  then it is a bigger issue.  But I'd ignore it and see if it goes away.  If not, you can talk to his pediatrician.  My guess is it is going to go away.  good luck
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My 5 yo grandson makes loud noises continually, it's always some kind of hoot or screaming, he also exhibits hyperactivity behaviors, he is very bright intellectually but his impulsive behaviors are effecting his education. I know you cannot ***** his condition through these few words but any assistance is appreciated.
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BlingBlang, does he do these noises everywhere or is it specific to school?  Is he hyperactive everywhere or just at school?  

Have you tried to get a lot of physical activity into his day to see if this helps calm him down?  (my son's nervous system is in over drive and seeks input, we give it to him outside of school and then he can function IN school).  

What is school saying about him?
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My almost 5 year old daughter has been making noises for 2 years now. It is a clearning the throat noise and sometimes a click of the tongue. It happens MANY times a day, as I type this she has already done it 7 times. It happens at home, in the car, at school, anywhere. Mainly when she is quiet. She did have her adnoids and tonsils removed before this began. I dont know why she does it and when mentioned at Drs, they said its not a big deal. But we are looking at 2-2.5 years of this.? She is a very bright and intelligent girl, she has had some medical issues (heart irregularities and apnea mainly) and no history or tourettes. Any thoughts?
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Hi. My son used to make odd noises and then I took him in to an allergy Dr. The allergy doctor gave him Advair for like 6 months and the noises went away. Now my daughter has started making weird noises and says she can't control it. She has asthma and I think that may be contributing to it but I will ask her Dr. to find out. I hope this helps in some way!
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Onde of the "glorious" phases of childhood. Plug your ears. He will get over it.
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The snorting and the tongue clicking, especially if the clicking is at the back of the throat as opposed to the tip of the tongue, sounds a lot like she's trying to clear mucus from the back of her nasal passage, which translates into nasal allergies. Try to see a pediatric allergist rather than a regular pediatrician.
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    Really good advice.  Thanks for jumping in.   Problem is, some of these posts can be a bit old - so you always have to check the dates.
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My sons 10. He makes a really quick soft um in his throats all the time..it used to be a clearing the throat sound last year. He had a camera put up his nose/throat but nothing..it then just stopped really. Up until a few days ago. When I ask him why he does it he says he has to other lwise id do this (makes his neck and head sort of come forward like a duck) :/ an he says that looks daft so I make the sound instead lol I ask him not to do it for as long as he can just so we can see what happens if he doesn't make the sound he can stop for a little then it just creeps back in lol
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Ok so my 8 year old son is doing the SAME thing! He says if he doesnt do it, his neck feels weird! Did you take your son in again? It only started a couple of days ago, and its mainly if he is watching TV, or on his iPad! So now we are taking a total media break! Any advice?
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As many children grow and begin to learn about their bodies, they explore and experiment. Children learn by copying others and doing as they see. Newley found feelings and sounds are intriguing to them, and the continued effort repeats that joy or comfort that requires them to continue to that behavior. Its like the feeling you get, when you get into bed and the sheets are cold and it brings comfort to you.
Or when there is a favorite place on your steering wheel where you place your hands while driving.
We become aware of these behaviors from others, because we are not the people doing these things we call strange. However, if we are the people doing these things, it may not seem so strange to us. Just the other day, i noticed a woman driving in her car and picking her nose and eating it. Socially, this is not acceptable, and we find it unusually strange, unless you are the person doing it. These little "tics" that we find in people are what makes people, people. As your child grows older, they will become more aware of themselves and their environment. They will either go covert with their habit, or they will stop all together.
I have this thing with my fingernails. if they feel to sharp or to pointy in a particular place I will continually focus on that area by rubbing it, I look like I am using the old sign language for money. (if you get what I mean). And I will continue this behavior until I trim my nails.
If this behavior is having an effect on school or work, or the quality of life, then there is no need to be worried. I think that most mental health professionals will say the same.
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My child is 7yrs old and he is making the same noises. This has been going on for about a year or more. When asked why...he says "He has to" I did ask his pediatrician and she said could either be allergies or a Tic. Now that he overheard that...he now says he has a Tic. He didn't do it at all over the summer break but now that school has started back...I notice it more. My husband thinks it is because he is bored as he does not do it if they are playing a game together or he is concentrated on something such as playing with other kids...etc. Did you ever find out the cause as this post is a few years old? Thanks
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If you read on neurological tics it will help a lot.
My son started tics at 6.5.

It is very common for boys to start manifesting tics at this age.
There are two types of tics verbal and muscular. If a child does both for a certain amount of time it's a diagnostic criteria for Tourette's.

However a tic in itself doesn't mean a long term disorder. Tics wax and wane. Meaning it will be really noticeable to you for a while then will go away then come back.

In m so a case he would blink his eyes, then that left and he started shoulder rolling, then I believe throats clearing.

It permanently went away before the school year was upthat year. However just a few weeks ago at 9.5 the blinking started again.

Everything you read will tell you to ignore it. Bringing attention to it makes it worse. He can't help it and attention will make it worse. I promise it works to let it go. It's hard though!

Kids can be taught to redirect tics by wiggling there toes instead of other behaviors but that takes behavioral therapy and a lot of work. For a common transient tic it didn't get to the point we needed to do that.
My Older brother will sit watching television and when adverts come on he repeats words on the adverts makes noises and keeps telling you what is happening in programs when your sat watching it and you know what can I do to stop it and what is it it's so annoying
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Ok when I was a kid about 8 I had autism and all that I forget what they said I had but I would make noises repeatedly or do something repeatedly over and over so if your kid is having this problem the worst thing you can do is ignore it many people will tell you it's not a big deal and to ignore it but that's a very bad idea the best thing to do and I'm saying this from experience so I know more than most of you. tell your child if they stop making noises or what ever they are doing you will award them with something or if they don't stop they lose there cell phone or something like that.
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oh, yea I know this! this happened to my brother 6 years ago! my brother had to go through surgery... The doctor said can I have is water bottle? I ask my mom "why did they need the water bottle?" then I heard my brother scream well that just answered my question... but after the surgery, he did not want to eat... the doctor gave him 3 popsicles BUT.... HE STILL REFUSED (sorry for the caps lock please forgive me) and da Docter gave me 16 jelly cups to eat I don't remember how many days or months did he have to stay for so don't attack me this was 6 years ago. then he came back better, in the end, :D (I'm just a kid so please don't say that I'm no allowed to be in this :C)
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