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Child on Child Sexual Abuse

My son's six year old daughter has been sexually molested by her eight year old girl cousin on her mother's side.  My granddaughter was very graphic in her description of the abuse and where it happened.  The other child initially lied about it, but has admitted to it.  This cousin has a rather long history of serious behavioral problems and is the child of a mother who abuses alcohol and drugs, and has many "boyfriends" coming through their home.  My daughter-in-law and her mother (who is the primary caregiver of the cousin) decided the children  could continue to play together but with supervision.  This other child has bullied my granddaughter in front of them, and the abuse took place right under their noses.  I called Child Protection Services.  My son is thankful that I did, as he feels both children should undergo counseling before they have contact again.  My daughter-in-law and her mother told my granddaughter that I called the cops on her cousin and they will take her away.  My granddaughter was so upset, she apologized to her cousin for telling the secret she told her not to tell, because she does not want her to go to jail.  I feel in my heart I did the right thing.  I want to protect my granddaughter from any further abuse.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to accomplish this?
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See a lawyer and learn if you have any rights in this situation, you might have fewer than you think.  Also talk to a family counselor about what you can do.  The counselor won't help the other people in this story, but he or she might be able to help you decide what you will do that will be the best thing.
I really have no rights.  However, by reporting this and making it known that my son and his wife are aware of the abuse, if the two children are ever left alone in a room with each other my son and daughter-in-law can be arrested.
My son does not want the children to have any contact whatsoever at this time, but my daughter-in-law does not think it is a big deal for them to play together.  Now that my granddaughter's pediatrician told my daughter-in-law there should be no contact, she is backing off on forcing the issue.  Her mother wanted her to keep the child so she could go out drinking.
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I think you stood up for a child that had no voice.  Thank you.  For them to go back and put any amount of blame what so ber on that little girl is nothing short of horrific!  
Both of those girls need counseling. And you speaking up is the only way it could/would happen.  
Thank you.  I will continue to fight this battle.  I told Child Protection Services they will grow tired of my calls if my gran is not protected.  
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