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Child with ADHD, potential Conduct Disorder and Potential Bi-polar

Hi All,

My 9 year old son has displayed numerous behavior issues over the past 4 years. He has ADHD and has suspected Conduct Disorder.Our son has no repsect for authority and exhibits very concerning beahvior on a regular basis. My husband and I are out of answers. Years of therapy for our son has not provided a firm diagnosis and treatment plan. Our son takes only Focalin for ADHD, he does not take any other medications. Our Son is currently in a hospital for In patient treatment for tendencies to be violent at times and often uncooperative, threatneing, disrepectful and generally unwilling to obey any type of rules.  The hospital facility treats children ages 3 year to 12 years for various issues. Our son is being evaluated for a number of potential psychological disorders as part of his in patient care. Bi Polar is one of the evaluations that is being done. I would like to hear from any parent whom have children that were diagnosed bi Polar at a young age. Please describe your childs symptoms and the age of onset for the symptoms. Our child has many other inappropriate behaviors, the list is rather extensive. I would very much appreciate any insight other parents could provide regarding similar experiences with their children.

Thank you
Worried Mom
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I think I can be of some help. My son was diagnosed as Bi-Polar at age 6.  He was hospitalized two times. (he is now 20).  He had some of the textbook symptoms - he would say "I wish someone would cut my head open with a knife"  - of course very very disturbing. But that stems from the fact he knew his brain was working differently and needed something drastic to get relief - as in "cut my head open".  He also cussed and used words we had not exposed him to.  Cussing is also a symptom.  He told the nurses his sister was a stripper and had HIV !!  He did not have a sister. And where did he get stripper and HIV at that age.  It is very hard with a bi-polar child.  I would be glad to keep communicating with you at any time.  It can be a lonely road.
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Hi GC24,

Thank you for your kind response. I greatly appreciate your information. We have seen so many unusual and concerning behaviors with our son for such a long period of time, there certainly must be some other issues in addition to ADHD. Our son exhibits many of the symptoms and behaviors of a Bi polar child, but not all. He is very moody, has unusualy erratic behavior, lies,cusses, threatens and disobeys all manner of authority. These are just a few of the many concerning behaviors that he exhibits. He usually sleeps and eats well however. When your son was younger, in the 9 to 10 year old range, did he sleep and eat well normally, even though he had been diagnosed with Bi-Polar. Please also advise the names of any medications that have been effective in treating your sons Bi-Polar. I greatly appreciate your willingness to communicate with me. We just can't seem to find the best path and treatment plan for our son Kyle. It is our sincere hope that the in patient treatment that Kyle is now receiving with yeild some answers.

Thank you again for reaching out to me.
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We tried several meds for my son - risperdol and lithium were tried.  Lithium had no affect and risperdol had severe side effects - Nick woud not eat - slept much of the time and started looking like a zombie.  Our greatest success came with taking him off the meds and working with several great behavioral specialists who also worked wtih his Pysch Dr
But I must say this was not a steady climb to mental health. Nick had setbacks and hitting puberty was very very disturbing.
One of the things that I think is so hard with kids is that mental health has come such a long way for adults but there are so many unknowns wtih the kids.  Also - many times the diagnosis is complicated by two or more disorders for the kids since there is little history to refer back to as they are only 5-9 years of age.  And I do think mental illness is still a "taboo" subject for the most part in the US.
Any chance you can find a parent group and meet with others who are going thru similar situations?  Having that support would be great - is your city large encough to maybe have that kind of group?
Hang in there - hope to hear from you agian.
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