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Cogmed to increase processing

My son has a language processing disorder and has previously tested to have low working memory. We have completed the first 3 Fast Forward modules and 30 sessions for brain bloodflow biofeedback (15 each summer for two consecutive summers). While we feel there has been some benefit, he still has diffulty with processing, especially verbally presented material. He is also basically a non-responder to stimulant medications. Wondering if Cogmed might offer some additional benefits.

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As you may already be aware, Cogmed Working Memory Training has a solid track record (documented by many stringent alayses conducted by respected universities and research institutions, not by the company) in the improvement of working memory, a cognitive function strongly associated with disorders of attention. To the extent that your child's language processing problem is a function of working memory deficit, the five-week program might well be of benefit. Be aware that the program is not specifically designed to remediate language processing difficulties, and the company would never make such a claim.
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