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Could I be at risk?

Hi! I didn't really know which topic to put this under. Ok well im 14 and i suffer from depression. I plan to grow up and have a husband and someday some kids. But ever since the Andrea Yates case i've been afraid to. Since i have depression as a teen would i be more vonurable to get post - pardom depression or physicosis after i have a child??
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It is fair to say that anyone who displays a depressive disorder prior to delivery of a child is more at risk of post partum depression than is a person with no history of depression. But post partum depression is treatable, and there's no reason to let worry about it interfere with your plans for a family. Remember that Andrea Yates' treatment had been interrupted - if her treatment had continued it is probable that the tragedy would never have occurred. Depression is a treatable condition, and most people who display it lead normal, productive lives. Treatment is the key.

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