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Crying for no reason.

My 11 year old son is normally a happy child.  However, in the last year or so, he will begin crying for no reason.  This may happen a couple of times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.  He doesn't know why he cries but it really bothers him.  He thinks there is something wrong with him.  He has also expressed that people don't like him and he doesn't like himself.  Almost two years ago, his grandparents died within a few days of each other and that had a great impact on him.  From a behavior standpoint, he is a great kid but does have a problem with following direction from us as his parents.  If others give him direction, such as teachers, he follows it to the letter.  His repeated times of "not listening" make for stressful situations that cause problems.  We have encouraged him that he may need to see a doctor about his crying for no reason but he is very unwilling to do that.  He also has a younger brother (6) who adores him but also likes to tease him and this creates alot of stress for him as he can't separate that and gets upset easily when his younger brother does this.  At times he has cried because of feeling that his younger brother does not love him.  
Any suggestions on what could help him or what treatments may be available would be most appreciated.
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This sort of reaction invites professional evaluation, and you should arrange an appointment even though your son is opposed to it. He is not crying for no reason; it may appear that way to you, but it's just that thereason may not be apparent at the time. It is likely that the reason has to do with feelings of inferiority or rejectiopn, though that remains to be seen. Relative to his not doing as he is told, you need to be more strict about this. You should not put yourself in the situation of repeating directions over and over. If you do that, you are actually teaching him not to take you very seriously. A very useful approach to this issue is detailed in the book SOS Help for Parents, by Lynn Clark. You would do your son (and you) a favor by getting the book and putting its instructions into practice. It will solve your problem.
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