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Desperate for advise 3-4 year old

Hello, I have a 3 almost 4 years in FEb.  He is the youngest of 2, I have discipline at home but I'm desperate because looks like he's not undestanding how to behave.  At school he doesn't have any problem; he's sweet , very smart and cooperative.  Bu t at home is a nightmare, have him eat, at soon as we seat on the table he starts arguing, shut his mouth etc.  He is always asking for sweets, and he wants more and more.....he doesn;t understand what "no more"means.   he always wants to control de situation because at night he didn't stay in bed.    He is asking for something, more water, go to the bathroom again , etc.  I'm worried, because he undestand what to do or not, but he stills doing it, Is like he wants to do whatever he knows he's not allowed to do.

We had tried to make him understand using different things, behavior chart, ignoring, praising, time out, but he stills doing the same.

Please I need an advised, tx Carolina
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I've never heard of a 3 year old in school.

He's actually in school?  Kindergarten starts at 5.  
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He is in KG1 in a Canadian School, they started at 3 1/2 KG1, then KG2 and then grade 1.  
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