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Do not give up!

Seven month ago I was desperatly seeking for answers to what was going on with my 5 year old daughter.  She started school, and would not speak, interact with children, and seemed to live in her own imaginary world.  She would not respond when asked a question, would not listen to the teacher, or to us and practically did not talk "human" language, just some gibberish.  People on the forums here suggested we were dealing with anxiety and "selective mutism", and offered us a plan of action.  It worked!  I must say thank you to a wonderful and dedicated teacher, and behavior specialist that I hired, to a greatest kindergarten staff in the world - school owner, assistant teachers, and wonderful kids in my daughter's class.  They all took part in bringing her back to normal life.  She now has a lot of friends, she started reading 6 months ago, and is a best reader in her class.  Eight months ago she could not even hold a pencil properly, would not want to draw or color, or do any art related activity.  Now she is righting, doing math, drawing and coloring, and loves art lessons!  I can't beleive she was "stamped" disabled by her public school teacher in 8 days after she started public school, and I am happy that we made a right decision to remove her immediatly, and enroll her to a ptivate kindergarten.
Please, DO NOT GIVE UP on your children!  Do not let anyone label them, fight for them if you beleive you are right, and God will help you to overcome everything.
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Wow this is great news its what we all love to hear I am so happy that your daughter is doing well, its a success story .You are right never give up on them  yes. fighting for children and what we believe in is a good thing ...great news .
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