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Do you think kids are diagnosed with things too often?

What do you think?  Are kids too readily diagnosed with this or that these days?  Full disclosure that one of my kids was diagnosed with a developmental delay as a toddler called sensory integration disorder.  He did occupational therapy for years and is now a teenager.  He works on the sensory stuff and we've learned a lot over the years.  But so many kids seem to be diagnosed for different things so routinely these days.  My other son is not a kid who loves reading.  He's now a young teenager and he has to read a good deal for his curriculum in school.  He says he gets bored when he is reading sometimes and drifts off.  I was talking to his teacher and she said I needed to get him tested for ADHD.  Now, he has no other symptoms.  And frankly, I can get distracted when reading and my mind wonders if I'm not enthralled with the material myself!  I just was really put off by this and wondered if others felt too many kids are tested for what is a bit subjective of disorders and diagnosed and possibly even medicated than there should be.  
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Yes, I do believe that children are diagnosed with "problems" because teachers aren't taught how to deal with "different" children - those who learn in a different manner and at a different speed than "normal" children (and I can tell you that "there ain't no such animal").

Approach the reading in a different manner - is your son interested in a particular subject?  Space?  Art?  Mechanics?  Engineering?  Offer him a deal where IF he reads the books for his assignments without being reminded more than a couple of times every month or so, you'll buy him a book about the subject of his choice - let him choose the book!

And DO get him tested for ADHD.  You didn't state how old your son is but I think you'll find that as soon as puberty hits, his ADHD - if that is what he has - will disappear.
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I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 7, the teachers said I was “too hyper” and my mom already was diagnosed with it so I was put on pills. They influenced me and I was more withdrawn and shy than usual (according to family members). I have been on the medication since, I can’t get off I am addicted to it and I lose focus/attention without it. Losing attention is part of ADHD but I think the medication has potentially made my attention worse although I am not sure.
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