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Does my 5 year old nephew have a foot fetish?

My sister in law and her 2 kids live with my husband and I. Her oldest child which is 5 started showing interest in my feet. Out of the several months of them living with us I never noticed him looking at my feet or trying to touch them and I’m very good at keeping my shoes in my room and my room locked. But one day well watching him and his sister, we were laying in the bed watching tv when he asked if we can all go under the covers since it was cold and as we went under the covers he crawled down to my feet and started petting them then glided his finger tips on the bottom of my feet and when asked what he was doing he said he was just tickling them and I just laughed and said well aunties not ticklish. Then he put his head on my legs with his face against my feet and just rubbed the bottom of my feet and then moved and put his face on the bottom of my feet and just smelt them for a minute and that’s when I got uncomfortable and told my husband and he laughed and said it’s just a foot fetish. So I shrugged it off went back in the room and I sat with my feet under my butt and well doing so I noticed he was looking for my feet and when he noticed I was sitting on them he looked at me mad and said I needed to put my feet back where they were so I told them we were going to play outside. Several months later I watched them again and well sitting on the couch together but far apart. I then felt something getting closer to me And when I turned my head I seen him closer to me smirking and when asked what he was doing he said nothing and when I noticed where my feet were I asked if he was trying to touch my feet and he smirked and said yes and I told him he’s not allowed to touch my feet and after that I have kept my shoes on and kept my distance. When I told my husband and my mother in law that it makes me feel uncomfortable they simply laugh and say if it was them they wouldn’t have a problem with it but the only reason I do is because I don’t like people touching my feet. So I guess my question is does he have a foot fetish and am I being over dramatic and should let him touch my feet like my husband and mother in law say I should?
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When i was 4-6 years old I had this too. But I had no idea about sexual feelings. My parents knew about my fetish. The let me had some time with their feet. I mean they let me play with them. Then after years my fetish has gone away. Some times may be they got some advices from mental doctor about this. But after long time i have it again. Now I am 23 years old and I know that feeling is kind of sexual feeling. But I am not noticed it when I was very young. Because at that time I was a kid. I am thinking my parents decision helps me to stop my fetish. If they don't let me do so I could be find some other one for this from outside of family. That is dangerous. My opinion is let him do that and reduce the chances giving by you in time to time. He will be normal in few years. Don't let him to find out a way to satisfy from outside.
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Well, I think something is only a problem if it impacts you negatively.  You aren't stalking ladies for the fetish are you?  But if you find the right partner, they may indulge you if you indulge what they like too.  That's kind of how it works.  Some may find it a turn off but some won't mind it.  I probably wouldn't allow my child to play with my feet.  Especially if it turns sexual.  
I have told my girlfriend about my foot fetish. Fortunately, she understood me and about my situation.  I live in a South Asian country. Here most people have no idea about fetishes. Some have but most of them are thinking that is very odd and disgusting.  So I had so lucky to have a girlfriend that understood my situation. So I have no trouble with my foot fetish. Because she let me play with her feet and she is enjoying it too. But there are a lot of people with foot fetishes and not having foot related enjoyment or therapy. I think they are in a trouble. I do not totally agree with playing parents feet even in childhood. Although there is no understanding in childhood, it is because of sexual pleasure. But on the other hand, kids can try to have enjoyment from outside of family if they haven't it. I thing it is bad too.
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First, you shouldn't let anyone touch you in ways that you aren't comfortable with. Saying no and setting a boundary is a good lesson for your nephew to learn. Don't make it a bad thing, or a punishment, just simply say, "You know, some people don't like certain parts of their bodies touched. I don't like my feet touched, so how about you just sit up here next to me and we can cuddle for a bit?" It's a good way to teach him about consent and touch without a big lecture.

That said, he's really too young to be sexualizing anything. He may like the way that the skin feels, or he might like his feet tickled or rubbed, so in turn, he's doing that for you because he loves you.

Don't keep your distance, though. This little guy loves you, and what he's doing isn't wrong - it's just not your preference. He's 5. He's learning about all the different ways to express affection. Since he lives with you, you're going to be a part of that. You can hold on to your preferences - and you should - and still show affection to him in different ways.
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