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Does my 8 yr old son had inattentive ADHD?

my son is 8 yrs, I want to knw if he has inattentive ADHD, not writing down school/home work is the main problem, slow to write most of the times, good at reading, hardly finishes work, bit aggresive with me, difficult to get him to go to bathroom, prone to minor injuries like bumpin his head, little sensitive, pls help, I m worried I dont knw wht to do, the psychiatris prescribed Ritalin after I told her that i suspected but the councellor was not sure
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He is on Ritalin now ? well the aggression could be from the side effects ...Many experts say that giving a child anti oxidants can have the same efficacy as Ritalin you may want to try it, also fish oil .Children at this age are often inattentive I don't think it means they have a disorder.good luck
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Have they tried any occupational therapy to help him with his handwriting?  School is really tough on kids that have even minor fine motor difficulty.  Can you imagine how difficult school would be if every time you were expected to write, it was a challenge for you?  It would make for one long day.  Does your school have an occupational therapist on board??  And if he does have trouble writing and add/adhd-------  then he should have an IEP.  Then he could be given extra time to write when he needs to.  good luck
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Oh, one other thing, my son has sensory integration disorder which looks a lot like add/adhd.  One thing about sensory is that some kids can be oversensitive to pain.  Their nerve endings don't send the right signal.  My son has this issue at times.  The least little thing will seem to cause him pain and he fixates on it.  He also has some difficulty regulating his mood, meaning he gets upset easily and once upset stays that way longer than what you think they should.  Basically, trouble handling emotions.  We do something called "heavy work" which really helps with this if you would like any ideas of things you could do with him.  

My son has difficulty sitting still and listening and again, this is part of his sensory issues.  We have certain things we do to help  him if you would like ideas.  good luck and let me know if I can help in any way with suggestions that have helped my own son.  Peace
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