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Does my Child need to see a Psychologist?

He's 10 years old and is in the ESE program at school for speach and developmental issues.  He's in the fourth grade but is reading on a second grade level.  He's smart but he has been classified as ADHD due to focus issues.  Lately I have seen some unusual behaviors, which my ex-husband and I have been trying to address.  Yesterday we were told by his teacher that he was seen picking his nose and eating it.  After sitting down with him, we found out that he was modeling another student in the class and didn't see what he was doing as inappropriate.  Also when I take him to a movie, he sometimes covers his ears because of some of the loud sounds.  

The problem I have is my ex-husband is a former social worker and does not believe that our son has behavioral issues so if I take him to a Psychologist I would have to do this without his knowledge.

Does it sound like my son needs to see a Psychologist?

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ADHD/ADD is a physical issue and I feel you should be seeing your family doctor.  The covering of his ears because the sound is too loud is also indicative of his ADD/ADHD.  I am wondering if the behavioural issues are a result of the poor management of the ADHD.  As always, start with the family doctor .....
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His Pediatrician has him on Concerta, but at a very low dose.  He is sending me a questionaire to provide to my son's teacher so he can see if my son's medication needs to be increased.
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Sounds as if you are on the correct track - but, sadly, everything just takes so long.  It's hard to be patient when one's child is suffering.    All the best ...
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I dont like loud noises ...I have seen many children pick their noses may I ask why anyone would think its a disorder?check out side effects of Concerta..good luck
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I didn't say picking his nose was a disorder, but its something my son had never done before.  He is a very sensitive child and developmentally delayed.  I just want to make sure that I'm doing everything I can for him.
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Jareds mom, I feel for you.  My son is 7 and he is in a special help program as well.  He is also very sensitive to sound and noise.  If he is developmently delayed it would be more mild but enough to qualify him for a funded school program.   He was evaluated by a psychologist who did not feel ADD/ADHD.  My son also has a habbit of nose picking or crotch grabbing both which I am learning might just be a nervous soothing habbit.  I am trying to break these asap.  My son also is very serious and I think might have low self esteem due to his learning problem.  I have no advice since I am in a similiar boat to you but what I am trying to do is make my son laugh.  Something he has not done much of.  He seems much happier this year and actually giggles laughs and jokes.  Thank God!  I try and build him up in a positive mannor and getting him involved with other kids as much as possible such as basketball and cub scouts.  hang in there your not alone.
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   I post over on the ADHD forum a lot and also monitor this one.  One thing I have learned from reading the posts over here -especially the posts by Specialmom - is to look for symptoms of Sensory Integration Disorder.  Sensitive to loud noises is one of them.  SIDS is often mistaken for ADHD, but is not treated the same.  So it is worth checking out.  A good site to do this in is here - http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/index.html
   I also mention this because it is a new enough disorder that not all doctors, (especially pediatricians it seems) are familiar with it. Either ADHD or SIDs will do horrible things to ones self esteem.  The more the parents (and the schools) are able to help the child deal with this problem (and learn about the problem), the more the self esteem will rise.
   I always recommend getting the book -  "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. , because it will help you and the schools help the child.
   I also feel that many times a psychologist or psychiatrist that specializes in kids with ADHD are way more helpful than a pediatrician.  Many times the pediatrician just doesn't have the time to spend with the parents.  And I think that the information that a doctor can share with the parent is as important or more important than any medication that they might suggest!  If I can recommend any more sites for you, please post.  Best wishes!!
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    Opps, I also was going to comment on your husbands input.  It is very possible for a child to have minor problems around the house where things like concentration are not as important - yet, still have huge problems at school.  That is one reason why school input is important (and required) for meds.  So what your pediatrician is doing is important.  However, I think that you also need to sit down and talk with the teacher and see what is going on.  A questionnaire is not the best way to get that kind of detail.
   I also think that if you want to help your child there is nothing wrong with going to a psyc or psychiatrist.  They are more highly trained then a pediatrician to deal with this.  And for that reason, I would not hide a visit from your ex.  This is to help your child and I think the best way to do that is to get the best info available.  You have started that by posting here.  The book I mentioned will also be a tremendous help.  Do check out the SIDS site.
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