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Don't know what to think...

I was helping look after my friend's 9yo son when we "walked in" on him "dry humping" the family cat. He was laying on the couch with his pants and shorts down and the cat's belly rubbing against his privates. He seemed oblivious to this being disturbing.

Later it came out that around this time he and another boy had put their hands down each other's pants in class (no one saw them do it) and although my friend's son willingly participated, he said he felt "kinda gross" about it.

I am not the parent and have little experience with kids, how bothersome is any of this? What do I say to my friend?

Thank you.
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Well, experimentation at this age is pretty common. And I would image his parents are also aware of this.  

What you say to his parents really depends on how good your relationship is with them.  If you say anything, I would keep it very nonjudgmental and on a kind of "hey, I noticed this, and just wanted to let you know. Is there anything you would like me to do if it happens again"?

If you do see him and the cat doing the same thing again.  You might warn him that cats can have flees and you don't want that down there.  Also cats are very playful and have very sharp claws.  You certainly would not want the cat to take a playful swipe at anything down there :)
Opps, meant the cat could have fleas.
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