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Effects of period breaks with Adderall

My step son currently takes Concerta but has taken Adderall in the past.  My question is that his mother takes the child on and off the medication at different periods of time.  The periods when he is off is very noticable and the child appears to be going through withdrawls.  I thought that these types of prescriptions had to be taken every day, including weekends.  Could the child not be receiving the full affect of the medication if he does not take it daily and if so, what are the serious side affects of not taking it daily.

Thank you,
Jenifer Canaday
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Dear Ms. Canaday,

No, stimulant medications do not have to be taken each day. In fact, probably most children who take stimulant medications to treat ADHD take the medicine only on school days, not on weekends, holidays or during vacation periods. Exceptions to this are children who require the benefit of the medication during times at home as well as at school. This is the case with some children who, for example, are extremely hyperactive or children who need assistance during times when they are doing homework. The important thing, so the child can receive the maximum benefit of the medication, is to have the child take the medication in the manner prescribed by the doctor. Dr. KDK
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My son is ADHD and takes Meds. three times a day. four days ago we started him on Concerta 36mg and life is great. Just wanted to say thank you. Know more ups and downs and trips to the school office at lunch. thanks agin Nancy
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