Hello- my grandson has FPIES...for those if on who do not know what that is, is is a rare allergy to the protein in milk. It has been a 3 year roller coaster of what n what not to give him. But,y daughter being a Nurse is very experienced with the diease, n takes all procautions along with my self, son in-law n her mother-in law to be certain he is not exposed to any foods is body may reject. However, the biggest issue is that he is very fresh. He hits, biits tell his parents to leave me alone,n is completely out of control. Although I usually do not encounter the same problems..although he does try,  therefore,t daughter n son- in law usually avoid taking him out or to many functions. I believe his behavior is a direct result of his home environment. My disinter obviously disagrees. U tell her he behaves that way because it is his way of saying enough, I want time out. There is always a lot of activity going on. The TV 24/7 dogs, my teenage granddaughter with her issue n way too ma y toys for home to play with. He is much too slimulated. When he is with me I give a few choice toys to play with,, put a quiet movie or sometimes no tv n old movie. Is his behavior a direct result of his PFIES or the stressful environment he is living in? Should my diabetes seek professional help? She wants to put him in daycare. But he evens lashes out with other kids. Please help.
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Sorry you are going through this. To me it sounds like he may be going through the terrible 3s. Boys tend to not have terrible 2s but terrible 3s. I don't know much about his medical issue but I have a son who's a teen now but I know how important structure is for little kids. It sounds like you have set rules at your house and if he's behaving well with you then maybe your daughter needs to follow your lead.  If he's really acting out at home maybe you can suggest a star chart to his mom. Kids respond to positive reinforcement so much better than negative. A star chart is something that I used and it's great. Make a list of all the good behavior you want him to have and every time he does it he gets a star sticker that he can put on the chart and after so many stars he gets a little treat. If he acts out don't reinforce that behavior with a response just explain what he did wrong and give him a time out for 3 minutes because he is 3 years old. Set a timer and tell him he has to stay in time out until the timer beeps and if he gets up before that the time will start again.  It will be hard at first and he probably won't like it but patiently follow through with your plan and it will work. The more structure he has in his life the better.  Some kids do really well in preschool because of the structure they have there.  I hope this helps and that things get better for your grandson. The best of luck to you.
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   It is also possible that he has sensory processing disorder.  That is something that an occupational therapist can diagnose and treat.  Some good links on SPD are below.
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