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Febrile seizures

Hi our daughter is 9 months.  She started having complex tonic clonic febrile seizures at 6 months, and has had one approximately fortnightly since.  The shortest was 5 mins but most have been 15mins - 30mins duration, she had 2 in 24 hours on one occasion.  We have been ambulancef in each time and had checks; EEC after seisure showed interdictal spikes, but the second EEC a was normal, MMR normal thankfully, blood tests and lumber puncture ok.  
Fits have been linked to raised temperature, but not very high 38.5 etc and post fit so not clear if fit caused raise.  Some illness have been linked ie mild ear infection, gastro bug, tonsillitis although she had not seemed unwell before fits and mild cases if she had these.

Before a couple of the seizures I have thought she was acting strange, a little quiet and slightly jerky.  Hours later a fit has occurred.
This eve, after a day with little sleep, she seemed to be acting very tired, then a bit manic flapping, jumping and screaming then a little stiff then jittery ... It took ages to settle her and I felt she would fit if I didn't get her to sleep.


-does this sound like complex febrile fits or the start of something else ?
And any advice or questions we should ask our consultant ?
Could diet be a factor? This started at the time we introduced solids at 6 months.  She had reflux volumes of milk for first few months.  She is still breast fed and takes milk feeds well around time of seisures and after but goes off solids again each time.  Drs have said that initial blood tests don't indicate this do aren't investigating.

Many thanks for any advice or knowledge shared.

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Your question involves an area of specialty - pediatric neorology - beyond this Forum's specialty of child & adolescent emotional, social and behavioral development. Perhaps you could include it in the Neurology Forum.
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Hi the neurology forum is disabled to new comments .  Thanks.

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