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Foot Fetish

My son is 5 yrs old & he likes to touch & smell ladies' feet.  He doesn't do it to me & he always hides when he does it.  He gets upset if you see him or laugh at him.  I'm starting to get concerned about this.  Any idea why he would want to do that???  Is this sexual?  At first it was funny & cute, but now I'm not so sure.
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I don't think this is a sexual thing now, but it could end up that way down the road.  He needs to be told that most people don't like to have their feet touched and smelled.  It's important not to laugh or "freak out" because this may encourage this behavior.  Good luck and God bless.
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Oh my goodness!!! I have a cousin that my grandma always talks about referring to his foot fetish beginning in early childhood.  He had been caught doing the same things.  I remember being around him sometimes and would hear him mention things about feet and what type of feet he liked and didnt.  Today, he's happily married and his wife informed us during a holiday party that he gives the best foot massages!  

Feet may always be your son's "thing".  Just teach him to be respectful of other people's space like musicmama said and dont draw attention to it if he doesnt do anymore things to draw attention to it.  
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It's not a sexual thing now, but it could very well evolve into that.  I disagree with musicmama that laughing will encourage it; rather, it's more likely to embarrass the child and make him feel as though there's something wrong with him.  Instead, just as when dealing with a child that exhibits homosexual tendencies, it's best to openly discuss it with your son, let him know he doesn't have to be ashamed of it, but also make sure he knows that, just as with other body parts, it's not acceptable to touch or smell someone's feet without their consent.  If your son knows to respect the proper boundaries but not feel ashamed of himself for having this attraction he can't explain, this fetish will not lead him into deviant or harmful sexual behavior when he gets older.
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I disagree with some of these posters, I myself have had a foot fetish at age 3 and it surely was sexual. I used to masturbate to the thoughts of feet.

I would definitely try to limit his exposure and accessibility to smelling and licking feet. Try to get his mind on to other activities. Professional help would be a good idea.

I found that my foot fetish only got more obsessive with time and  it can become a real problem later on in life.

Whatever you do, don't embarass him or make him feel like a weirdo, it will hurt his self esteem. You have to deal with it quitly and behind the scenes.

Good Luck!
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It sounds like exactly the same thing with my 3 1/2 year old godson and I'm getting concerned because it already seems to be progressing sexually. Lately he especially likes to hug feet whilst being under a blanket and is starting to very subtley rub against them with his groin which I stop him from doing without actually acknowledging it. He only does it with women, not his mum and seems to be a little embarressed about it already - I'm worried if I make it a big issue he might attach more shame to it and just hide it as he gets worse. Anyone found any more detailed advice??
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I have read your comments. There was a hint to the cause of foot featich, but not a clear one. Will somebody please be more profound and share the reason why  a child would have this behavior? Is it a behavior that a female could have  innocently protrayed with with the young child wsithout being aware of what she was doing??

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More information here...
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Most people with a foot fetish includes it in there sexual acts, or even helps them to come to that point of total satisfaction. Then there are others who have a foot obsession to were they can lay under someone's feet for hours without taking there cloths off at all. Almost like being in a different world by feeling secure, or having a calm affect from the scent the feet gives out. No one really knows why it calms our hormones, or gets the hormones very active. I know in my case, I divide the two. I am able to have a sexual relationship without touching the person's feet at all. Then on the other hand, I love the scent of feet when I go to sleep and not involve any sexual act. Yet, I have no interest in feet when I know there clean, or when someone walks around bare footed or in open toe shoes. There are many different aspects in people with this type of problem. All I know is, it has a great control over me that I can't help or need. I had this even at the age of 5, and now I reach 60. Nothing has changed, and I never grew out of it. The thing about foot obsessions is, if you can't control it to some point, then after a while, it don't matter who's feet you go after or who they are. I've heard of some people who will do anything at all just to be under someone's feet. People don't realize that some people with foot obsessions can be very controlled by it. Even to the point of changing there life's. The real problem is to find someone who don't mind it when so many people are closed minded about it. Yet they can accept drug problems, alcohol issues and even mental abuse. They just can't accept something that isn't harmful or look at it as helping someone with this issue.
The aroma of feet is the most powerful aspect. I too have had the obsession since I was a toddler.
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I am a long time crossdresser age 45. My crossdressing obsession actually started by my attraction to womens foot odor. When I was 3or 4 years old my mom would take me to her friend Marcia's house. I would crawl around on the floor sniffing Marcia's shoes and clogs . I loved the smell of her stinky feet too  and would sniff and kiss her bare feet under the table when she was sitting at the dinner table. Later in life in 2nd grade I used to day dream in school about turning into Marcia and got ideas of stealing her pantyhose to wear so I'd feel like Marcia.. Then in 5th grade I bought a pair of pantyhose at a dept. store and would wear them and put on my grandmas lipstick in the bathroom with the door locked. From then on I concidered myself a crossdresser and by the end of highschool I had a full wardrobe a girls clothes and underwear.
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I can totally understand how you felt. It goes to show that when something inside of us has so much control, we have trouble with it. The problem is, it's so hard to find help, or someone who don't sit there and laugh, or judge something we can't help. I have friends who are cross dressers, and I find them very kind to others. Even thou I have trouble at the age of 63, I find that my issue seem to get worse the older I got. It came to the point of not caring who's feet I was under weather male or female as long as they had a strong scent. Anyway, sometimes it's just good to get things out we can't talk to about to others.
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My son has had a fetish about feet since he was about 2, he's 4 1/2 now. He doesn't do it all the time but sometimes he'll sleep on the ground near someone's ( adults, children) feet and rub his crotch on the ground. He tends to do it most when he's tired or bored. Please tell me what kind of help you received that was helpful or what you think might help to not make it an issue for him. I'm afraid of what will happen if he ever does it in school.
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Even though if someone has a foot fetish it can never be got rid of.
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As someone with a huge foot fetish, I probably disagree with most of the one wo has answered here. I developed mine in my early childhood and had no clue until I became an adult. I have read a lot about it and made it clear on all my relationships with no problems. I am afraid that, if you try to make him ashamed of it or say it is wrong, things would get much worse and he will avoid openly expose his fetish to his girlfriends/wife, having a need to satisfy his fetish 'under the blanket' forever.
Mines developed at age 8 but I really never like feet when I was younger in fact I hadted seeing girls in flip flops. But one day when I was probably 2 year younger I was bored in my bathroom and I need some tissue but did not have any so I had to wait for someone to give me some tissue. So while waiting I was so bored I went in the cabinet to find something to play with like I always do but what I was looking for was gone so while looking I saw a magazine in the cabinet but it was not a porno magazine it was a advertising magazine which had lady clothes and stockings but when I looked at the feet in that magazine I started to like what I see. I went from hating feet to liking feet but to be honest I wish I had never found that magazine I really mean it because if I hadn't when to the bathroom that day I would not have found that magazine and I would not have a foot fetish ever but now I do. And what weird is that I started to touch myself and tried to see if I could rub up some urine but did not expect a powerful sensation. I was like what did I just feel and now every day I fight back against the foot fetish but it gets hard every time I get further away from it. What should I do because this started when I was really little.
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In articles about foot fetishes, it's explained that the part of the brain that controls sexuality is right next to a part of the brain that has something to do with feet (sorry this is a poor explanation, but apparently it's physically a thing, the wiring can get very closely connected or cross-linked). So it's not learned, it's more just inherent in some people's brain. Please never beat yourself up about a foot fetish, it's unusual but not unheard-of, and it's harmless enough unless the obsession takes over your life, and it is not wrong. I would say also, don't be afraid that in a relationship with a woman you cannot do some discreet foot stuff. There are women who would probably rather do something with the feet than have sex, especially if their partner is a nice person.

If someone gets super obsessive about anything (sex or any other topic), there are actually good doctors that deal with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Obsessions can be handled so they don't take over your life, and in a relatively short time too. We found one for our son (he had garden-variety OCD, it was not a sexual obsession) by asking his pediatrician for a referral. It was a big help for him, and in only three months he went from all kinds of tics (had to walk a certain number of steps, touch the doorknob a certain way, etc.) to almost none. He learned not to let the OCD take charge of his life.

I realize foot fetishism is part of a person's sexuality, but there is a difference between just finding feet attractive and being ruled by the obsession over it. Obsessions can be changed, and in a relatively short time too, for a much better quality of life.
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