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Gifted child

My 5 year old's teacher brought up some concerns about our daughter last winter.  She said she is very smart but there was concern about her behavior.  My daughter has, since she was a baby, wriggled her hands when she is excited.  When she sets up her dolls and talks them, when she tells you about something she is excited about, or even when she watches t.v.  She also is a difficult child who has trouble with transition and can become very angry and frustrated.  She is inconsistant, some days I think there is going to be a problem and there isn't.  Other days I anticipate it and there is.  We have trouble getting her to calm down and she says she can't help it.  She has been better at calming down the older she gets.  We brought her to the Childrens developmental center in R.I. and they basically said she was gifted(she is finishing her second Harry Potter book) She did great with the testing and enjoyed the adult attention. The  occupational therapist said she may have a slight problem with sensory intergration.  I read the book and literature she gave me and saw it only a bit in my child.  
I can't seem to find anyone who can help me with this.  I want to see if it is sensory dysfunction or some other neuro thing (aspergers?) going on or if this is normal for so called gifted children.
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You can safely conclude that the behavior you describe is not associated with giftedness. When we use the term gifted with children, it is important to determine precisely in what ways the child is viewed as gifted. Too often this label is unwittingly employed to minimize children's difficulties when they have one particular aspect of their development which happens to be advanced. The behavior probably does not reflect Asperger's Disorder, or any other condition along the Pervasive Developmental Disorder spectrum. If your daughter is displaying more organization as she matures, what you may be witnessing is a difficulty managing affect in situations which bring happiness or excitement or, conversely, situations which result in frustration and anger. Such management of affect, or emotions, generally improves as children mature - it a part of the normal process of development.
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My daughter sounds much like this persons.  My psycologist has tested our daughter and determined that her full scale IQ using Weschler is 152, or hits the cieling.  He insists that her difficult behavior is tied to her extremely high IQ.
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