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I have two beautiful grandsons who both seem to have a plethora of troubles between them.  My son has full custody of them now and their mother has nothing at all to do with them.  While pregnant with the boys, their mother continually ingested a huge amount of THC daily as she never stopped or slowed down on her weed smoking during either pregnancy.  Now, and I firmly believe that because of the amount of THC these two babies were in contact with daily, in utero, is contributing to the behavorial and emotional troubles both boys have today.  We haven't, as a family, been able to find any help for these problems at all.  We have not even been informed of different agencies that families with these troubled little people can turn to for help and education.

If you could steer our family toward some information that would assist us in helping my two little grandsons, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.  
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You could talk to their pediatrician they can rule out medical issues and also refer yo to a child psychiatrists and a mental health counseling center and they can evaluate them to see if the can help it might be a easy as weekly counseling it looks like you live in Canada so not sure exactly what the procedure are there for getting help  ,but I'm sure their regularly pedi dr can led you in the right direction It could be a medical problem a mental health issues  or the fact that their mom left and smoking anything while pregnant decrease blood flow /oxygen to baby so a dr would be my first step.
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Start with what you have at hand.  Ask their school counselors (if they are school age) or contact a children's therapist, or talk to your pastor or the children's doctor.  If there *are* agencies out there waiting to help you (in this day and age of government cutbacks, this would be a pleasant surprise), some of these professionals will know of them.  
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I surfed the net and could find no evidence that there is such a thing as THC fetal syndrome. All the animal studies were negative for fetal impairment.

Perhaps you should look in a more productive direction for handling your grandsons. Blaming mother may divert you from obtaining real help.

By the way, how old are they?
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