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Grandson > ADHD w/ multiple personalities = 8 yrs. old

What are the possiblities that since our grandson has been diagnosed with ADHD & a multipble of personnalities (5); that since MHMR and Dr. Turner of Plainview, Tx. with another Dr. of Lubbock, Tx., have refused to help in helping this boy get the medical help he needs until he kills someone, would like to ask this. Is their anyone or any system out there that can help us in our time of need to get Landon Monroe, our grandson, help with his pain and problem?
Landon and his dad was told by the two doc's that they had to move away from his mom & sister, and so they moved into our home; threatening us with bodily harm. But, still get the same answer, can't do anything til the boy is in crisis. But, when he is in crisis, the MHMR has no one on call, or takes their time in getting to our home to see him, and then he's over it.
  Landon's dad, mom, and we, the grandparents too, are at our wits end, and no one can give us any real thought or help, just excuses.  HELP!!!!!!!!!!
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Dear Mr. Price,

It's difficult to know how to guide you - it sounds like you've been frustrated in your efforts to get help for your grandson.

Sometimes the most effective way to move through the bureaucratic obstacles to help is to appeal to your elected representatives. It wouldn't hurt to contact, via telephone, your local state representative or senator (not the federal officials) and explain your situation and ask them to intervent. Almost all such offices have ombudsmen to help citizens with such problems.
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my daughter is adhd and odd (oppositional defient disorder) she is in a day therepy program at Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Illinois under the care of Dr. Arden Barnett who is the head of child psychiatry for the board of the state of illinois, he deals with problems ranging from depression to scytzophrenia and is very well respected. He has been seeing my daughter for about 6 months along with a very good therepist Laura Wren, he just admitted her to a program for intense therepy dealing with the defient disorder (no respect for authority, violant, angry, threatning etc.) i am sure he could help or know someone who could....you can email me at ....***@**** if you would like more info on him and the hospital.......good luck, i have known how you feel!...kim
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I used to live in Lubbock and have worked as a psychiatric nurse for many years. Lubbock has a wonderful residential treatment center for children and adolescents. (it is not a part of the MHMR system.)  They will listen to you about the behaviors and don't necessarily have to see the actions.  Landon may not need in-patient treatment and if he does not they can give you some excellent referrals to doctors in the area that can help you.  The name of the treatment center is:  Canyon Lakes Residential Treatment Center.
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