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HELP? Oral aversion or ? ?

I have a one year old that is healthy - and a few weeks ago stopped taking her bottle.   We tried everything - she will not take a sippie cup, won't drink from a straw, won't take liquids of any kind (milk, juice, water) in any form - bottles, sippies, straws, from a spoon.   We have spent the last two weeks in the hospital - and every test comes back fine - but she still will not drink.   The doctors sent her home with an NG tube so she can get liquids at night - and we will start getting weekly visits with a speech pathologist - but wanted to see if anyone else has ever heard of this??
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I also did some checking, you can send out an allert asking if anyone else has had this experience,you have joined med help I suggest that you put this up on a journal or your mood, it will be seen by most members  who will get back to you with any ideas or comment. Do the Doctors at the hospital think it is a temporary issue and she will start to take liquids soon .?
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I'm really stumped,  and so is Google.  I couldn't find a single other case of a child who stopped drinking.  (Lots stopped drinking milk,  or wouldn't drink water,  or wouldn't drink out of various implements,  etc.)  I searched and searched and couldn't find even one hit.  

This may be a tiny bit helpful,  dogs and cats who otherwise appear healthy do this.  I found lots of hits from frustrated pet owners asking for help,  but I didn't find any answers as to why this is happening.  I wonder if there's a correlation.  Some kind of kidney condition or virus or something.  

Best wishes.  This must be terribly frustrating and scary.
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