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Having troubles in kindergarten

I have a 5 year old son (just turned five in June) who has been in daycare since he was 10 months old and attended two preschools with no trouble who just started kindergarten in August is having tons of social trouble.  Since August he has been in the principal's office 1)sassing teacher/not behaving 2)kicking a child who kicked him first 3)getting his shirt torn by a 2nd grader who said my son called him "pee pants" 4)kicking a child during rest time.  My husband and I have talked with his teacher, principal and asst. principal.  We came up with a behavior plan and discussed if these behaviors are interfering with his school work.  Academically his is great, I just don't know why these social problems have surfaced?  He behaves at home the problems are at school only.  They are considering suspending him from school because of these social problems he is having. Or considering half day kindergarten.  I'm wondering if I started him too early or if I need to pull him out now and wait.  He has tons of friends from different schools (kids from preschool, daycare etc...)  I just don't get it.  His preschool teachers always complained of him being too social and now he's having discipline trouble at school.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I too am having the same problems with my 5 yr old. just turned in august. i spoke to a school psychiatrist today and she said maybe we started too soon and they are just not ready for the structured environment yet. My son is in full day kindergarten 6 1/2 hours is long day for a 5 yr old. I am also looking for suggestions. Sounds like we have the same son
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Perhaps the half day would work better for your Boy he started daycare very young and it is possible he would benefit from being with you more ,you may find after a while he improves. Does he do sports and Games, is Dad involved in playing games with him,His behavior seems as if he is acting out , maybe some positive attention would be good idea and focus on the  positive side of his behavior.
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He is involved with soccer.  Dad is very involved and we aren't having problems with him at home.  I did consider half day.  The only reason we allowed him to go all day is because he has been in preschool/daycare environment all day prior to K.  He doesn't have trouble with other kids outside of K.  He doesn't have trouble with the kids in his class outside of school.  Im baffled!  The other problem I have is that the school isn't working with me to find out why this is happening at school.  They just recommend that he either not go or go half day.  I'm actually afraid to send him at times.  What's really going on at school in my childs eyes?  I feel he gets blamed because he has been in trouble before, so its automatic.  No adult in the school ever sees anything he does.  They admit to that, they just know he did it.  I don't want him to hate school or have a negative experience from it.  Part of me just wants to pull him out.  I feel that its a disadvantage to him because it doesn't affect his schoolwork and academically he's ready.  He doesn't match any add symptoms or other behaviors because it is consistent in one setting only.  I worry about my boy.
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