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He likes to smell everything its an issue at school how I can break this habit

I have a 5year old son that has many behavioral problems, ADHD, OCD,ASD. he always smelled everything but now its becoming very inappropriate. teacher has emailed me to tell me that he likes to smell peoples behinds(butt).
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Ask your therapist if a "rewards and punishment" approach to your son's behavior would be appropriate and if it would even work.  If so, just remember - it will take some time for this approach to work.    You'd have to make his teachers at school aware of what you're attempting to do and provide them with the "rewards" so the approach is consistent across all his social encounters but I think this might just be better than constantly telling him "no" and getting yourself - and him - angry and frustrated.
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Hi!  I have a son with sensory issues and smelling things is something that is pretty common in kids with neurological issues.  Occupational therapists deal with that kind of thing a lot and strategies to help.  Do you work with any professionals?  Does he receive any treatment?  Also remember, that no is a word any child can learn to understand. And smelling bottoms of others can be a big no. Learning boundaries is important. Some kids like my son with sensory issues are very rule bound. Teach him about not crossing into other's space. This would prevent any ability to smell the butt.  :>)  
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Thank you so much for responding. He does OT twice a week but even the therapist does not know any strategies other than telling him NO. and that's obviously not working, its very inappropriate and I feel embarrassed sometimes when he does it in public places. I will walk up behind someone and smell them. I don't know what to do at this point.

he has zero social skills and boundaries don't even exist to him.
So, here is something that worked with my guy when he was little.  It was called robot arms.  If you stick your arms out like a robot and walk up to someone, you can't get any closer than those outstretched robot arms.  :>)  So, we role played and made it fun.  And then I could say "robot arms' or his teacher could and he could remind himself as it got to be a habit that you aren't to get closer to anyone than that.  Another approach is the person bubble. We all have a bubble around us and we are not to enter anyone's bubble.  So, then you'd role play this approach. Teaching personal boundaries in this way is not just telling a child no but rather giving them an idea of what is okay and isn't.  Entering someone's space isn't okay.  We also did things like we took a bunch of pictures. Some real ones of say us, close family members, best friends, etc.  Some of people he knew but that weren't close to.  And then pictures we cut out from magazines of total strangers. We laid them out and he grouped them. The first group close to him was our family, a best friend, some other family.  The next group after that were people that he knows but not super well. And then after that, strangers. You can hold the hand of mom, or someone in group one. But not group two. Group 2 you give a high 5 to.  And then group three you just wave at.  These were all effective strategies with our OT to teach that you don't just go up and smell the butt or anything else of someone that isn't in group one and group one is very small.  :>))  
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