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How and why does he eat so much?

I am new but curious as to others opinions. My step son is 9. His father and I have been together and married going on a total of 5 years now. He is very thin (like scrawny thin)no meat on him at all, paisty white....but eats all the time and huge portions. He's always hungry. He comes hungry and leaves hungry. We drive an HR to the zoo. We do fast food bfast. Everyone gets a meal,  he also gets an extra sandwich. He will still be hungry and my husband gives up his bfast so he can have a 3rd sandwich. My husband allows him to have 3rds even 4ths before anyone had seconds sometimes at dinner,  claiming he doesn't want him to go to moms saying we wouldn't let him eat. (off subject sorry) anyways he eats so much yet is so sickly skinny and pale. Like paper white pale. He also poops his pants still and has since I've known him. Any suggestions as to why he may always be so hungry?
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      There are some medical things that can cause this.  Has he ever had a complete blood panel workup - especially thyroid?
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Also, has he been checked for encopresis?  Pediatricians sometimes don't know much about it, but someone should go to bat for the boy to have a full health check that includes this on the list.
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I agree with the other two,  about encopresis and finding a medical cause for his constant hunger.  

From your tone,  it does sound like you aren't recognizing that this underweight pale child is actually in need of more nutrition,  for whatever reason - not just trying to be irritating.  

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Also it sounds like it's possible he has unchecked type 1 diabetes.
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   Very good point by RockRose
           "Type 2 diabetes
Symptoms include increased thirst, frequent urination, hunger, fatigue, and blurred vision. In some cases, there may be no symptoms.
           Type 1 diabetes
Symptoms include increased thirst, frequent urination, hunger, fatigue, and blurred vision."
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Hate to sound too prosaic, but he should also be checked for tapeworm.

This sounds like a medical issue, possibly serious.  Please take it ultra-seriously.
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