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How do I know? ADD/ADHD/Bipolar Child

I am sooooo frustrated right now. I am concerned for my daughter who is 11. First, I have read the Bipolar Child, Is Your Child Bipolar, and ADD/ADHD books. I have a medical background and very knowledgeable about things medical. My daughter has been showing symptoms that are half ADD/ADHD related and half Bipolar Child related. The symptoms are about half of each. I have taken her to a psychiatrist who said she MAY have a mood disporder (unipolar)  and put her on Trileptyl. She had an allergic reaction to this and we had to stop it ASAP. He did not want to try anything else right now as she is overweight and other meds will possibly increase her weight. S we are watching and waiting. For a second opinion, I went to a pediatric neurologist. I brought the diaries I keep on her, symptoms I see, etc. I am very thorough and have done extensive research! The doctor did not have much to say except that it is difficult to diagnose when they have such similar symptoms. He decided to put her on Concerta. After reading about this medication, I decided not to give it to her right now. In her biological father's history there is high risk for substance abuse and Concerta is similar in structure to cocaine. I do not want to give her meds if this is all hormonally related. She sees a counselor and the counselor does not see any behavior in her history that suggests either disorder. I have noticed a new symptom within the past three evenings as well. She has been humming, talking nonstop. Her mouth has been going all the time. I can tell her to stop and she is right back at doing it again. It has been really unnerving me. It has been only in the evenings for the past few nights. I am wondering is this the mania of bipolar or the hyperactivity of ADHD? I am very confused, frustrated, out of money and would like some opinions/advice. Help? Any ideas greatly appreciated.
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What is it exactly is she doing to lead you to believe she has a problem.
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If this has just started, I would say it is probably more related to puberty.  I have four daughers.  Two of them talk nonstop constantly.  Half the time they are bouncing off the walls or trying to create some conflict among the other two and sometimes pushing our buttons.  My step-daughter 11 flies off the handle and slams doors are the slightest comment.  One night I said "I thought you just had a burrito before supper?  Wasn't the burrito enough to tie you over until supper?"  She flew off the handle and said I called her fat.  Girls are up and down up and down in their emotions.  If your daugher is bipolar she will not be able to get up off the couch for a day and then the next day be flying and extremely active.  If she has ADHD, she will be extremely active and not pay attention.  If she has ADD she will not pay attention and not listen.  I worked in a outpatient mental health facility and only one child I would say really had a mental problem.  The other children were simply going through childhood, some being ignored and not being listened too, some parents did not even talk to their children.  Spend some quality time with her like shopping where you can talk.  Make sure you are involved in her life (because it's all about her at this age) ask lots of questions about her day in school, etc.  Communicate.  One thing to watch for is if she jumps from one subject to another or the sentences do not make sense.  
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I have a seven year old daughter who has been diagnosed adhd for over three years. I took her to the omne clinic where I was refered by her primary doctor. I never thought about adhd at all until the nurses and doctors suggested that she mostl ikely has it. Anys alot of the symptoms that my daughter has are not listening and really whiny and emotional and I could not read her a book until she was on medication. She would never sit still long enough for me to do any one on one activites.I took her to a movie and it was a nightmare! She is able to concentrate and listen better but I dont like the side effects of the meds that she is one one of them was methyfenadate and the othe is concerta which you mention that drug was like cocaine I never heard that before. I hope that any of the things I mentioned will be helpful to you
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oops I didnt realize that your post was so long ago sorry!
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