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How do you deal with a 7 yr old behavior?

My 7 yr old is very rude, talks back, shows out in public, doesn't do work at school of home,not appreciative,etc and I tried so many options and nothing working what do I do?
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Parenting is a hard gig.  So, what have you tried?  This happens at school and at home both?  Are there any suggestions of things like ADD/ADHD for him?  
This is happening in school and at home.  I tried to get him tested when he first started acting out at the age of 5 or 6 but I was told to young then when he turned 7 I git him tested again for add/ADHD few months ago and he has ADHD he was prescribed medication and to see a behavioral counselor but that didn't go anywhere and  he doesn't take the med.  I tried pushing talking I don't believe in beating but I've tried it.
Ok, that answers a lot.   First behavioral counseling is not an overnight miracle.   It basically is a teaching process trying to explain to him what he has and how to cope with it.  At his age, that is not an easy thing to do.   And because of that, you should be involved in it.  In fact, it is probably more important at this age for you to be involved.

Medication wise,  there is a whole bunch of meds out there that are easy to take.  From meds that can be sprinkled on his food, to fruit flavored liquid meds, to patches on the skin.  Point being, you don't give up because the meds are the only thing that will provide a certain amount of instant relief.  You need to get back in contact with his doc. and ask for meds that he will like to take or not know that he is taking.   And realize that this will be a bit of trial and error - it always is.   The link below lists all the meds out there...the ones with flavor, the liquid ones, the ones that can be sprinkled on applesauce, the patches etc.  Print it out, take it to your doc and start trying them.  Oh, and let the school know what you are doing.

  Next the way you work with adhd children is very different then the way you discipline non adhd kids.   I have provided 3 links that pretty much lay out the basics of working with adhd kids.  They will make a difference!  Don't try and take it all in at once.   Read one, and then come back and do another the next day.  While they all come from the same perspective, each has a few different ideas because all kids are different.

This information will help you if you use it.  If you have any questions, just ask!  The links are;


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Specialmom brings up a good point.  IF this is also happening at school, then it is not just what is going on at home.  7 is an age where kids want to please people.  If they are not doing work at school and at home, etc.  Then there is a reason why.  And that reason is either an un-diagnosed learning disability or something like ADHD or ADD which is causing the child anxiety and basically giving up.

Before this school year ends, talk with his teacher!  The school can help.  I am also the CL on the adhd forum and have tons of info on that if you need it.  But, if you can find out what the problem is....there are ways to deal with it.

Perhaps check out this link and see if any of it rings a bell.
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