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How to get my 3yr old to sleep....

I am a mother of a 3yr old girl who has slept with me since birth. I have been dating someone for about a yr and a half now and we want to move in together. She has her own bed but the only way I was able to get her to sleep in it at all was to put the bed in my room. She still won't willingly sleep in it unless I literally sit on the floor by her bed side or lay in my bed and pretend like I'm sleeping to. She throws fits and tantrums to the point that she makes her self throw-up when I try and leave the room if she awake! So to prevent any of that from happening I give in and stay till she's sleeping then leave out the room. I have repeated this for the past 6 months now and am very TIRED of it! Also she still doesn't sleep through the night! At least 4-5 times a night she wakes up screaming sometimes her eyes are closed as if she is still sleeping. There have been a few times I wasn't in the room and she was screaming so I went to check and she was standing on her bed holding her blankets in her arms, or standing infront of the television screaming but her eyes were closed! Idk if she's having a nightmare or what. A friend had asked me has anyone ever "touched" her before and my answer is No! Im the only one that has ever changed her diaper or pull-up. Her father hasnt been around since before she was born so hes not even in the picture. I have been told about night terrors. I can't wrap my mind around y she does this??? HELP!  
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Have you researched night terrors?   If I understand correctly, night terrors can result from stress and/or overtiredness and usually appear between 3-5 years of age.  I'm wondering if the change in your relationships could be the cause of stress and discomfort for your child.  Try googling "night terrors and toddlers" or "night terrors and children" to see if any of the descriptions remind you of your child.

A friend's son also suffered from night terrors at about the same age as your daughter.  At the time, there was great tension in the marriage and I believe this was the cause of this child's stress.  Today, he is fine.  Hope this helps....
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Does she have sleep apnea? One of my children did. She had narrow and inflamed nasal passageways.
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